Oct. 6th, 2005


Oct. 6th, 2005 02:10 pm
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Eh? O.o;

Uhm, I was trying to get some order into my MP3 and renamed those files that had ugly file names and stuff, take out the hyphens, capitalize etc. I was working rather fast and didn't pay much attention to it when one of the files suddenly warned me that changing the extension might result in the file becoming useless. I simply assumed they all were MP3s! Now I tried to play that file and it won't play anymore! >.<;;; So apparently I changed the extension to something wrong and now it won't work. And I'm out of guesses what it could have been. I tried wav, MP2 and ogg. It was none of that. It definitely had a Winamp logo, and it was played by Winamp before... Urgh. What else could it be? Any ideas? Or is there a way to have a file analysed to find out what it actually was? x_x;;;
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I Won't Send Roses
interpreted by Michael Feinstein
I won't send roses or hold the door;
I won't remember which suit you wore.
My heart is too much in control,
The lack of romance in my soul
Will turn you gray, kid, so stay away, kid.

Forget my shoulder when you're in need.
Forgetting birthdays is guaranteed.
And should I love you, you would be the last to know
I won't send roses and roses suit you so.

My pace is frantic my temper's cross;
With words romantic I'm at a loss.
I'd be the first one to agree
That I'm preoccupied with me
And it's inbred, kid so keep your head, kid.

In me you'll find things like guts and nerve,
But not the kind things that you deserve.
And so while there's a fighting chance just turn and go.
I won't send roses and roses suit you so.


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