May. 26th, 2005

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I'm just too freaking honest... LOL. Yesterday I went to the bank to transfer money from my college account to my normal account so I can fund my new laptop. After that I went to the ATM to grab some money... and found a huge wad of cash in the slot! x_x! For a split second maybe I thought "OMG! Laptop! Car repair! Vacation!" but it really only lasted as long as it took me to grab the wad and carry it over to the counter. The money was counted and it was 500 EUR! x_x They filled out a form and made me sign it, recording I had found the money, when and how much. Apparently, if nobody claims it within a 6 months time frame I'm getting the shinies. Not that it's very likely to happen. I mean, the person missing the money will most likely notice it soon and rush back to the bank. That or the bank will check the ATM and see who withdrew cash before me.

Oh well... it wasn't my money to begin with, so no use feeling regretful about it. Maybe I'll get a reward for my honesty at least! ^^ And it's definitely good karma. So maybe now money will be returning to me...*smiles*


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