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I thought he was really good in this one, addressing gay rights issues and the like, talking about his commitment to Scott and how he doesn't conform to gay clichées. So I'm reposting it here to keep! :3

Torchwood's John Barrowman
The star of the racy new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood opens up to WHO

Posted Jul. 05, 2007

The star of the racy new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood opens up about the new sci-fi show, signing the civil register with his partner, architect Scott Gill, working with the 'saucy' Rob Lowe and his passion for gay rights.

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Randomly, I think it has come to this... I need a John Barrowman icon... *nods serenely*
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I never really got around writing down my thoughts, so I thought I do that now. It's been the fourth episode now, second elimination show. The two guys that have left so far I don't really have an opinion on. The first week's guy I just wasn't emotionally involved yet, so whatever. And this week's guy annoyed me from the start, so good riddance. I'm intentionally vague here to avoid spoilerage.

Now... some assorted comments on the guys. I don't have an opinion on everyone, mind you. Before I knew anything about the guys and the way they sing and all, just my the looks, I thought that Lewis would be Joseph. I mean, when you look at him, he just looks like Joseph, doesn't he? Not my type at all, too plasticy, but he did look like the phenotypical Joseph. Likewise, I was immediately smitten by Lee. I don't know why, but just his looks and the way he behaved drew me in. Incidentally, I also confused him with one other guy who later got eliminated and I was all said because I thought it was him... but yay, it wasn't! *g*

Anyway, you can imagine how pleased I was to find out that Lee actually also is one of the most talented ones! *much love* You can really tell his musical background but he doesn't flaunt it. He's actually very modest and humble, actually fears his experience will work to his disadvantage. I find that very likeable. And God, he sang Mack the Knife in the first show. How can you not love him? And the fact that he gave up his part as Raoul's understudy in Phantom just on the off chance to land this role really endears me to him. I looooooooved his interpretation of "Bad Day" this week. It was fantastic. I hope he gets very far so I can enjoy him much longer.

Now Lewis. Not much to say. Like I said, I thought he looked like Joseph, but I didn't care much about him. But this week's clips from the house and all changed my opinion about him a little bit. He seems to be a really goofy fun guy which I find refreshing. He's not what I thought he'd be. So yay, I like him better. But wtf is wrong with his hair? It's all frizzy and split. He really needs to use some hairgel. And why on earth did they make him wear purple eye shadow on his performance? >.>;;;

Uh... what else. So bad on names. Oh yeah, Rob the Builder. I don't know. He doesn't strike me as the musical type and he doesn't really look like Joseph either. But he has a great enthusiasm for singing and acting which is great. But he's starting to get dull. Last week's Summer of 69 was good and all, but then he performed Piano Man exactly the same way this week, thus butchering it completely since it just isn't a happy-happy-joy-joy song. So yeah, he has a compelling smile but I'm not sure he'll get very far.

Keith. Ickle Keith with the huge teeth. Teeth-Keith. He's cute, not my type, veeeeeery young. Lookswise he couldn't be Joseph IMO. But God, I love his singing. I forgot the name of the song he sang this week, but it was so beautiful. He has a very distinctive, one in a million voice IMO. I know that John said to him his diction was terrible and he needs to work on that, but I actually disagree, at least in parts. Yes, as a musical actor he needs a better diction, but just as a listener I found his slight Scottish touch and the way he moulded the vowels because of that very appealing. It'll be a shame when he loses that.

What else... I think Chris B is a cutie and I can't believe he was in the bottom two this week. How on earth this that happen?? I thought he was brilliant and his durex smile is so radiant. And I agree with that one judge, forgot her name, his voice is like chocolate. I hope he stays around. But why he got the least votes totally beats me. Who was that guy who was completely off key? I think it was Ben. How come he didn't get bottom two? >.<

Daniel, I thought he was very brave for interpreting "Since You've Been Gone" that way, all cheerful and happy, especially after ALW asked him if he really thought that was a good choice. But I do think that he pulled it off and it was great. I enjoyed listening to it and watching him being all bouncy. I have the suspicion though that he was bouncy last week also... Must watch out for that next time.

I think that's all about the Josephs... Oh yes, Seamus of course. I don't really think all that much about him which is weird considering he seems to be generating a lot of discussion. So he's 35 and a vocal coach and apparently likes to share his experience with his fellow contestants. I really wonder where all the vitriol is coming from though. Following the discussions on the JB-ML I was beginning to think he was constantly nagging people about how they sing and what not, but that was really just a tiny part of his entire section! He did admit himself he's not a team player and that probably wasn't the wisest move, but I dont see why he deserves that much antipathy. I like others a lot better than him though.

Other comments... they don't give the judges nearly enough screentime. Especially John! Maybe it'll get better when he stops wearing these godawful suits. >.>; Oh well, I'm holding out for when the Josephs have dwindled down and there's more room for other stuff. Maybe we'll get a "listen... listen... listen..." again this series, what do you think? XD; Somehow I doubt it, but heeeeeeeeh. Also, when did John get cast as the evil judge? Somehow he always gets to deliver the negative comments. Maybe it's the way he says them (because he sometimes does come across a little annoyed as if he's been saying this all week now), but he really almost always gets booed at! I know that's not personal since the audience is packed with supporters of the Josephs, but it's a little annoying. For one, it's not John's character really and his comments are always constructive and helpful. Others who say negative things don't get hounded like that. Very strange.

Oh, and can I just say, I'm totally and utterly in love with these coats. I love that they've assigned a specific color to every Joseph. I want them all. One in every color, so I can wear them for every kind of mood. Without the gigantic J? on the back though, please *g*. And I was a bit surprised by the good-bye song. It was somehow really dramatic, I thought, very emotional, and a bit cruel to make the booted guy sing a song like that. And then to make it even worse they have all the Josephs walk by him, put their hands on his shoulder and the last two strip him of the coat. That's cold, Obi-Wan. But nice to watch. I dread the day when I have to see Lee walk up those stairs... *cries*
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Again, I've taken notes of John hosting Elaine Paige's show this week... Timestamps are still according to the current time when it aired.

by [ profile] silversolitaire

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Made for my own enjoyment and then shared with others. Posting it here since this is why I actually made it, for myself, dammit! LOL It's so good to be compulsively taking notes of everything you watch and listen too... makes me the perfectly organized geek.

In case you want to listen to it, too, go here.

John on Radio 2 on Feb. 11 2007, 13:00-15:00 GMT
Segmentation by [ profile] silversolitaire
(version without the news at 2)

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Torchwood star's civil ceremony

John Barrowman
Barrowman's civil ceremony was held at a hotel in Cardiff

Actor John Barrowman, star of the BBC sci-fi series Torchwood, has signed a civil partnership with his partner.

Barrowman and architect Scott Gill signed the partnership at a Cardiff hotel before the actor left to star in pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.

Barrowman, 39, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Dr Who spin-off Torchwood, has been with Mr Gill for 16 years.

The first series of Torchwood ends on New Year's Day while a new series will be filmed in Cardiff in the spring.

'Deserve rights'

For the ceremony at Cardiff's St David's Hotel, Glasgow-born Barrowman sported a kilt.

Around 40 people attended the private ceremony at function room in the hotel.

Afterwards, Barrowman said it was important gay relationships were accepted.

Scott Gill
Scott Gill has been with the actor for 16 years

"It feels great and I think more gay men and gay women should go ahead and do it as long as they're serious about it," he said.

"It's not really recognition but it's important for people to see the normality of the entire situation and it forces people who don't agree with gay men and have to accept us.

"We deserve the rights like everybody else.

"It's been a long wait but we legitimised our relationship to each other a long time ago when we signed our mortgages together and this is just something that forces people who don't want to recognise it that they have to."

Following the morning ceremony, Barrowman headed for Cardiff's New Theatre to play Jack in afternoon and evening performances of pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.

Barrowman said partner Mr Gill would remain at the hotel with family and friends, adding: "Scott's already seen it twice".


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