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I was just in the process of attempting to convince [ profile] krss to watch Casino Royale by dispersing her fears about the torture scene and baiting her with the slashiness of it. I described the scene to her and then I did some screenies to drive my point home. Since I kinda enjoyed doing that I'm going to repost it here in my LJ to keep! (hope you don't mind, Krss)

description of the torture scene, spoilers for that of course, but no major plot points revealed )

screenies with (hopefully) witty comments )

zomg tease! )


Nov. 17th, 2006 01:26 am
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"Pay attention, 007, this is a pen."
"Yes, I see. Does it shoot deadly gas?"
"Eh no. But you could write an angry letter to your enemy!"
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Gay Bond

Daniel Craig will have a male love interest in the next Bond movie. The British actor has attracted a large gay following after sharing an onscreen kiss with another man in his latest movie Infamous, and film bosses are keen to capitalise on this new status. 'Infamous' documents the life of author Truman Capote. In the movie, Craig plays convicted killer Perry Smith who has a relationship with Capote, played by British actor Toby Jones. 'Bond 22' - the follow-up to Craig's debut 007 movie Casino Royale, which is due to be released in November - will now see a homoerotic relationship develop between the suave spy and secret agent Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright. A film insider said: 'Bond will always be a hit with the ladies. But Daniel has a massive gay fan base and that can't be ignored. 'There will still be sexy Bond Girls. But the modern Bond will be more sensitive.' Craig has already been heavily criticised by some Bond fans unhappy at his casting in the role and this latest news seems certain to cause more furore. The 38-year-old star was previously lambasted for wearing a lifejacket on the speedboat journey to his first Bond press conference, his confession that he hates guns, his alleged inability to drive a manual car and for reportedly losing two teeth in his first fight scene.

Somehow... I can't believe it. This is like... too good to be true! This would be the wet dream of my youth coming true! D: Even though I'll have to admit that I'm not completely happy with Felix Leitner being the one.. but beggars can't be choosers I guess, eh? Of course, it's also a bit annoying, because this means that I'll have to go see the new Bond even though I was actually going to boycott it since I disapprove of Daniel Craig as Bond. But if Bond is going to smooch a guy? OMG I'm totally in!


Feb. 20th, 2006 01:39 pm
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Craig's Teeth Knocked Out

New James Bond star Daniel Craig was left toothless and bleeding when a fight scene for upcoming movie Casino Royale went horribly wrong. The British actor, who was shooting in Prague, Czech Republic, had his London-based dentist flown out to fix caps onto his broken teeth. Craig now has to sport gum shields during action scenes for protection. An insider says, "Daniel was filming with some minor actors when he got hit in the face. He was reeling from a heavy blow and staggered back holding his face. He put his hand to his mouth but the blood started to seep through his fingers - it was horrible."

That is HORRIBLE! I have this deeply rooted fear of / disgust for teeth being knocked out. For one, I always fear it could happen to me, secondly, it's one of the most disfiguring, irreversible injuries you can sustain in your face, IMO. I mean, sure, you can always get fake teeth, but it's just not the same. You'll never have sensitivity in them again, they'll never be as sturdy and useful as your real teeth. It's just horrible.

I don't really know Craig all that much, haven't seen any movies with him yet (at least not that I'm aware of... I might have, but he just didn't leave a lasting impression), didn't want him to play Bond, but this is really really bad. I feel sorry for him. I know he's getting help and the best possible treatment, but nobody should lose their teeth x.x;. Now I guess I should be happy that Pierce Brosnan isn't Bond anymore >.>;;;. Imagine him being the one losing the teeth! *cries*


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