Apr. 19th, 2005

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Uhm okay guys... so I'm writing this big paper on portable music, Walkman and such. And I'm kinda running out of stuff to write. I know, lamer mistake. Anyway, I was thinking about extending the paper about the iPod some. Actually, it's a must, isn't it? Problem: I know zilch about it. So... PLEASE, call for help. Is there anyone on my f-list who has an iPod and who can initiate me into the magical world of iPodding some? Pwetty please? I was looking into it some but it's all so confusing! x_x; Like iTunes. I don't get this site! Do I have to download a program in order to use their service or what? How does that work? How do they charge? Big questionmark. And I saw this meme going around some weeks ago with your playlists, searching for this word and most heard songs and what not. What's the deal with that. Does iPod keep a record of what kind of songs you listen to and log it somehow? What would you say is the really cool thing about the iPod? The most convincing feature? Is there such a thing as an iPod community? Something that only an iPod can do any no other MP3 player?

Please, I really need input! x.x;;;
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That's great! I'm totally padding my paper with random interviews about Walkman, Discman and iPod! *l33t* Keep it coming, guys! You're saving my ass ;_;

Maybe I should venture into the iPod communities after all... those could probably answer my questions nicely. But that'll take a bit more preparation. I can't just halfass my way through that. I need a proper questionnaire then... Should I try?

You can still help me out if you have an iPod / amazing insights in portable music / anything else to add here.
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More questions about iTunes. The iTunes Music Store, is it available ONLY through the iTunes software or is there a way to get to it via a website? And what the hell do those restrictions mean?

Digital restrictions: Streaming to up to five computers within a 24 hour timeframe, unlimited CDs (seven with an unchanged playlist), unlimited iPods (formerly three computers, then five (no per 24hr limit), and ten unchanged playlist burns).

I don't get it. Does it mean I have to quickly copy the song to 5 different computers within the 24 hours timeframe and then never again? What happens when I buy a new computer and want to move my files over there or when I need to burn my library to CD or an external drive to free space on my computer? Sounds to me like they've tailored iTunes for gigantic hard drives and sorta expect you to have all songs ready at all times. And what's with the burns of unchanged and changed playlists? Help! I don't get it!

(I don't really expect a Deus Ex Machina help here. This is rather for my own information so I can pinpoint my questions better later on. But if some of your guys know the answers that'd be sweet!)
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White smoke, we got a new Pope. Well, not we, but the Catholics. So, yeah. But yay! Exciting! We're making history! ^^


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