Mar. 6th, 2005

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Just spent about an hour looking through this site:

This is truly stunning. I don't think I've ever seen a missionary site as effective and multimedia as this. It was almost fun to listen to the half an hour sermon... >.>; Okay, I know I suck. I'll listen to any sermon. I'm a sucker for these things.

It really cracks me up how they make you take a gazillion of tests and never give you any results! And I clicked "No" first on "Are you a Christian" and found it very funny that they force you through the Ten Commandments then! I mean geeze, yeah you could probably argue that in general the Commandments should be true (don't kill, steal etc.) but there are so many things that are so clearly Christian only, why the hell do they want to ask non-Christians whether they've really stuck with it 100%? That, and they really managed to interpret the Commandments in a way that makes it impossible to NOT break them. Like, of course I don't love God so much more than my family that my love for my family seems like hatred. Dude... yeah I got it, I'm an evil sinner.

Somehow it always bothers me when actors I've known since I was a kid (or even liked!) turn into religious nuts... I mean, there's nothing wrong with having faith and a firm belief, but stuffing it into people's faces like that just seems like such a total sell-out to me. I'm always put off immensely when I read that an actor or singer is a member of Scientology. Virtually makes me lose my erection. It's like my interest in them deflates immediately. And when I read someone has been "saved" or is "born again", it's similar. I'm just put off by this. I guess it's because they always come off as condescending to me. Is it a fault I have? Am I jealous? I don't know...

Religion has a strong attraction to me. I dig every kind of religion. Every time I study another form of belief I passionately wish to be part of it. I wish I could practice every religion in this world, be part of it all, feel it rush through me. I don't think many people understand how I feel about this. Reading about religion makes me feel great. It gives me a powerful rush and I feel enlightened and enriched. And I also feel sad because it's so hard to fully understand them, to have full access to it. Most religions / denominations think exclusive. They say "I'm the true way, the one and only way!" and so they don't allow people to just snoop into it and soak it all up like a sponge. I can understand that, but it gives me great pains.

Sometimes I wish I could be a preacher. I know it sounds weird. But I wish I could be part of this entire mechanism, this brotherhood, the love. I want to share my faith and hope that others feel as enriched about it as I do. But of course I can't, because I'm a freak. Because I embrace all religions, they're all dear to me, every single one of them I respect and find plausible. It's like you feel when you're bisexual. You don't really belong to any group.

But I digress! My point was this: I understand why these people try to proselytize like this. It's an integral part of their belief that it's their responsibility to save everyone. They truly believe that without commiting yourself to Jesus you are going to Hell and it was Jesus' will for them to try to reach every single soul and save it. The entire "from now on you will catch men" thing. I get it. But it annoys me that by doing that they immediately brush aside everyone else's beliefs. That's just not decent.

One thing I give them though is that they don't seem to try to sell you things all that much. Unlike Scientology for example where a simple paperback version of their Handbook costs 100 bucks or so -.-;. Sure, they sell stuff, but they also provide you with a lot for free and the rest isn't that incredibly overpriced. So at least they don't seem like hypocrites there.

Okay, I'm done. I'm just babbling anyway and I was distracted again by the Mormon website. I'm horrible.


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