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Okay, I feel the need to rant a bit about current affairs. Everybody who isn't interested in a political rant (Meimi?) or who's absolutely with everything the Bush administration does should better look away now.

What the fucking fuck is wrong with Rumsfeld? Does anyone remember last September (a NO I don't mean anything even remotely related to 9-11 or any other tear-jerking memorial)? Election in Germany. Very important election, too, since one canditate was pro-war and the other one con-war. At about the same time some paper wrongly reported a Germany polician had compared Bush to Hitler. What she actually had done was to say that "some people have tried to distract people from the problems in their own country by waging war against others. We've witnessed that already in history with people like Adolf H.,"while talking about Bush in a private conversation which had been eavesdropped and the words then twisted around in her mouth.

What happened was that the US of A went into a hissyfit, bemoaning how wrong Germany is in its political course and how they should stop and think what they're doing. Rumsfeld stepped up and said that the relations between Germany and America were "poisonous". The politician in question was forced to resign without anybody even giving her a chance to explain. Nobody in the US gave a flying fuck about the elections and while the extremely important news-conference of a woman who had slapped her child was on all channels, a tiny newsticker at the bottom said "German politician compares Bush to Hitler. Relations are poisoned." and after a long string of useless newsflashes it said "Oh and they're electing, too, right now, but hey that's not really important. Let's just remember that they're all a bunch of Nazis, okay? * " [* dramatized]

And what happened? Nothing. Germany swallowed the reprimands and hoped it'd all wash over quickly. At some point the USA realized they couldn't go on sulking forever and still kinda needed Germany's support, so now it was all forgiven and forgotten.

Then, around January, Germany and France actually dared to agree not to participate in any Iraq war and the subsequent reparation payments. Both countries agreed wholeheartedly. The US of A went into another hissyfit, calling them both a bunch of partypoopers, stomping their feet sulkily at having their plans for their nice war spoiled. Okay, now seriously. Rumself put up his head once more and dismissed the "axis of France-Germany" [anyone recognizing reused rhetorics here?] as "The Old Europe". But hey, it's just us, right? Germany always has to take verbal abuse from the US, so why should anybody care?

And now, just now, Germany STILL hasn't given in! How dare they! So, after Germany renewed its opposition to war against Iraq in response to Powell's speech... yes, you guessed it right, Rumsfeld steps up again and lumps Germany alongside with Libya and Cuba by saying "Then, there are three or four countries that have said they won't do anything. I believe Libya, Cuba and Germany are ones that have indicated they won't help in any respect."

Uhm, hello? Reality check, Rummy: it's not only Germany and a handful of other countries that oppose your country's insane drive to wage a war. It's a whole bunch of them. And not only that, a good portion of your own citizens do not want another war. Get. Real.

So sure, we can all go ahead and call Germany bad names since they're been used to taking the abuse for over 50 years and since they've been so evil and nasty they have absolutely no right to oppose such a grand and righteous nation as the US of A. So, everyone, get your rotten eggs and tomatoes and toss them at the huns since they really deserve it.

/ rant

Okay, done now. *shuffles off*
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While taking the wrong subway today and being stuck on an unsheltered plattform in a blizzard for 20 mins. I felt a couple of not-so-related rants forming in my head that I'll just throw into the general direction of people. Feeling in the mood for ranting. Not really directed at anyone in particular, but you know what people say about the shoe that fits... *g*


#1 is about people who post cryptic entries in their LJ. If you feel the need to broadcast something to the world, fucking do it. If you don't want to share it, there's a nifty little feature called "Private Post". Don't try to be all enigmatic and mysterious by posting shite that nobody understands or cares about.

#2 is, why the hell do people think they must let everyone know that they are JUST about to post something very exclusive and private and only an oh so select group of people is going to see it? Fucking get over yourself already, nobody wants to know. You're not getting any more special by doing that.

#3: Make-up colors. Why oh why is it that whenever you're looking for a special color the industry has decided just now that this shade just isn't en vogue right now? Why do they always rotate colors? Discontinue them? What are people supposed to do when they like one particular shade of eye shadow and Max Factor just decided to dump them? Would it kill you people just to keep a set of basic colors?

Okay, I think I'm done now.


Oct. 28th, 2002 01:31 am
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I just saw the worst movie ever!

Witchouse! (yes, that's how it's spelled)

Seven teenagers get stuck in an old mansion and suddenly find themselves facing a nightmare in the form of a random witch who just so happens to be the ancestor of one of the teens. Clichée girl #1, thus dubbed Gothic teen, realizes her 300 year old pledge for revenge. Insert Horror Plot (TM).

[spoilers follow... like you care]

Further clichée teens include: Brainy Girl (who gets one close-up at the end which reveals her to be drop-dead gorgeous actually), Sexy Girl (who gives a bunch of perky comments and is so tough, like... you know), aforementioned Gothic Girl, Sexy Stud #1 and #2, one of which dates Sexy Girl and Brainy Guy (of course he doesn't date Brainy Guy! Now that would have been too nice...). *counts* I missed one. Oh never mind!

So, Gothic Teen finds out she's the decendant of some witch (Lilith, complete with crappy make-up that puts the Buffy vampires to shame and some sort of pseudo scary distorted voice that reminds you of Kermit on crack) who suddenly rises from the dead, starts killing most of the kids who then randomly turn into ghoulish creatures when they were all fine just two minutes ago. Sexy Stud #2 (or was it #1? Who cares!) gets the gory special effect, ooooooh, by having his head ripped off in a fashion that makes his neck look like this: I^^^^I. They must have been out of fake blood though since even though Brainy Girl was "bleeding like a pig" there wasn't even a stain on her jacket.

All but the Brainy Teens turn into ghouls or have their heads ripped off, when Brainy Guy suddenly realizes the whole story, faces the witch with his sudden knowledge ("I shall burn this book and then you can't take over the world like you planned all along!!") and defeats the witch by putting electric wires into her body, making her (and the ghouls) go POIGHT!!! Then Gothic Girll comes in, pledges everlasting revenge which is immediately prevented by Brainy Girl who steps out from behind the Brainy Guy, announces she's the decendant of the baby that was supposed to be sacrificed 300 years ago ("Do you remember..?") and kills Gothic Girl with some pendant she produced out of nowhere. Brainy Girl and Guy embrace ("Shut up and kiss me!"). The End.

Brain damage after only 65 mins.: severe. Good thing it wasn't the standard 90 mins.

I think having my wisdom teeth removed hurt less. This story makes no sense whatsoever. It's not even funny to watch, it's just painfully bad. Don't waste your time. Watch the news instead, that's scarier!
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And here it comes: My rant.

When I got home today, I checked my old email addy. On this addy I get delievered mail from an old ML that I joined way back then when I graduated. Most of the time, it's rather annoying and useless since only people from my old class that I didn't care about used it to arrange dates for binges and crap. I went on no mail long ago. Then the thing with X happened and my good friend Ull posted a message to this list and I went on mail again to see the reactions. There were none. Nobody gave a flying fuck that a valued member of our class had passed away. Assholes. I was disappointed but frankly, that's what I expected from those fuckers. But okay, maybe they were on no mail, too.

Then there was the funeral and NOBODY showed up from our old class but me and his other two close friends. There were no flowers, no card, no wreath, no nothing. I don't know about you, but here it's custom to show your sympathy by putting down a wreath where the ribbon says something like "In loving memory, your class of 98" or so. Hell, even his old department at the U that he left a year ago had put one down. The class? Nada. Okay, maybe there was no money in the till for that. Granted. Those things are expensive, so I kinda understood.

AND NOW!!!! As I said, I checked my mailbox and what do I see? A message from "The Bunch of Fuckers", as I shall dub them from now on, that went along the lines of, "Hey, who else is coming to the fair this weekend? Thought we could meet up at the fountain and have a couple of beers! A mini class-reunion" so to speak" and in answer to that five or so messages. And then then best thing. I hadn't read that first message completely yet, but I did now in the response of someone else and this asshole actually wrote "Hey, maybe there's enough money left in the till so that Conny (class captain) can pick up the tab for us."


That's where I lost it. Those stinking rotting bastard cunts!!!! They didn't have a penny left to write a lousy card in memory of X but they want to buy their booze from the money that we own together??? They must be kidding. They GOTTA be kidding!!!

I hated them so much at this very moment. I wanted to write them a hateful message, telling them how much I despise them, that I hope they lose a friend pretty soon and that nobody will give two squirts of piss, that I wished they were dead instead, that I want them to choke on their goddamn beer and that I'll rather die than ever go to a class-reunion again, that I'd rather shoot myself than be in the same room with those dimwitted shiteaters, that if I saw them again on my Judgement Day it'd be too soon, that they all should go to hell and rot away in their own stinking piss!!!

*pants* ... can you tell I'm upset?

Anyway, I didn't post this... guess it's better this way. What I did post, however, was a brisk note that said "I think this is rather inappropriate to spend money on booze since apparently we didn't have enough funds left to send a couple of flowers to X's funeral. Enjoy yourself."

I hope they got the message. Stinking bags of piss...

Okay, that was my rant. I feel better now.
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Okay, the "plagiaree" got back to me. This is ridiculous. If you're interested, read the whole correspondence! *growls*

read about the sorry business here )
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I just read something on the Harry Potter Forum at that made me very angry. This person said, and I quote: "I'm afraid that if Rowling made one of the characters gay, I would never touch her books again; and it is not because I hate gay people, I just strongly disagree with their lifestyle."

I mean, excuuuuse me! What the hell does this person think? This is what I wrote in reply:
"I promised myself not to say anything about this, but it's been gnawing on me all day and I finally have to say it. I'm trying to make this as calm and collected as possible.

First: I really hate the expression "to disagree with s.o.'s lifestyle". A so-called lifestyle is a person's individual choice and it's not for you or anybody else to judge this. I don't disagree with people's lifestyles either just because they eat meat or go to church every Sunday. It's not my business. If it rocks your world, so be it!

Second: what exactly IS their lifestyle and what makes it eligible for your disapproval? Define "gay lifestyle". I, for one, have a gay lifestyle. I've been together with my girlfriend for 3 years. In that time I've never been with anybody else. I've occasionally given someone the eye, but that's about it. I love her and I intend to spend the rest of my life with her, so God is willing. I'm faithful and responsible regarding my relationship. What makes it inacceptable? I'd really like to know!

Third: To bring it back to Harry Potter, I'm tempted to say that people who have such narrow minds really shouldn't read Harry Potter at all! Don't get me wrong. You're free to say that homosexuality is not your thing. You can say that you hate slash. It's all okay. But when you say that you'd never touch a book of J.K.'s again if she made a character gay, then you're a bigot. Harry Potter is about people who are different and who are excluded from society because of that. It might come as a surprise, but there ARE kids out there who grow up to be gay and they might just find some comfort in reading Harry Potter and finding that other people share their feelings. I'm sure this will never happen though, so you're safe to read as much Harry Potter as you like for all your life!"



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