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Just took a walk down memory lane and recalled "I am Weasel" and subsequently went over to "Cow and Chicken" and then of course the Red Guy with his hilarious aliases.

I've made a list of the ones I remember:

Dr. Lax Slax
Ben Panced
Seymour Butts
Mr. Lackapants
Mrs. Bare Derierre
Officer Pantsoffski
Geraldo Rearviewa
Baron von Keinlederhosen
Dr. High Knee
Officer O'Fannyhee
Sir Pantsareoff

I knew there were tons more so I looked up a list and found several more, but also this one:

Ivan Panced

Somehow the pun eludes me here. Anyone care to enlighten me? O.o
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I stumbled onto it yesterday and was immediately enthralled. offers you a huge collection of information and intros of old TV shows and commercials of the 70s, 80s and 90s! I think I've spent hours browsing the site, watching clips and floating on a cloud of nostalgia... aaaaaaaah. Wonderful. I can only urge you guys to go check it out! :3

Here are some shows I used to watch as a child. God, I loved those.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (Ramrod!), Defenders of the Earth (Mandrake was so cool...), Galaxy Rangers (Goose was awesome), Ulysses 31 (hehehe, kinda interesting premises that show had), Bravestarr (that one was so cool... come to think of it, what was it with Space Cowboys in the 80s? O.o; And why did I like them all??), and of course, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Heheh and the ever so cool Danger Mouse!

Yeah I really was into animation... But there are others, too! Like... Misfits of Science and of course, Remington Steele.

God, I could list shows forever and ever. I watched tons of stuff of course. Knight Rider, A-Team, Mission: Impossible, Highway to Heaven... Other animations like Dungeons & Dragons, Captain Future etc. but that'd take forever. I can only urge you to look at it yourself and enjoy oh so wonderful nostalgia...

*wanders off humming the Gummi Bears theme*


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