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Since I like a bit of closure I'm going to post the answers to the 25 songs meme from last week that nobody got right.

last chance to guess! )

All in all the results weren't so bad, I say! ^^
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Nicked from everyone.

Step 1. Put your playlist on random.
Step 2. Post the first a line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrasing.
Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly. NO GOOGLING.

It's kinda appalling how many songs have the title right in the first few lines! LOL So I've struck those out... Let's see how this works! *g* I'm not gonna strike out the whole song when it was guessed correctly because that always makes everything so hard to read.

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Feb. 6th, 2007 11:56 pm
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I can't believe it's been 9 years since Falco died... How time flies.
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Referring to my little entry two days ago I thought I talk about a couple of songs by Joshua Kadison that I found especially inspiring and lovely. Maybe some of you guys are interested in them...

I'm actually a little unsure about how to proceed now. Part of me wants to ramble on about the songs. But the other part wants you to check them out yourself and have your own opinion on them before you get influenced by me. I guess I'll just do the rambling and put it under a cut.

The first songs are from his debut album, Painted Desert Serenade. For starters, here's the eponymous song, Painted Desert Serenade. Like I said in my little essay, that's the song that won me over. It's the second track and it's just so lovely. The music just spoke to me, it was so light-hearted and good-natured, but the thing that really won my heart were the lyrics.

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*feels a bit silly* Those are just images that have popped into my head whenever I've listened to the song. I'm sure other people see other things. And that's the beauty of it. Anyway, moving on.

The third track is Beau's All Night Radio Love Line. I've always liked the quiet melancholy about it. Slight touches of country, slow and wistful. The lyrics are lovely, as usual, telling a multi-layered story of different characters, all listening to the same call-in show. Like in most of his songs, you get the feeling Joshua is telling you one of his many experiences of his exciting life, but for his benefit I'm going to assume this is the narrator, and not him personally.

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Going a bit out of order now, Picture Postcards From L.A. is another one of my favorites. Again, it's heavy with a story waiting to be told. My thoughts. )

Just like many other of Joshua's songs, this one deals with hopes and dreams that stay unfulfilled. Like in this other song from the same album which I'm not presenting here, called Georgia Rain. It features Jessie again and the trailer that is mentioned in her own song. One line that moved me especially was, "There's a trailer by the sea, down in Mexico. We dreamt a lot about it, but we never did go. Some dreams a better from afar, but that's just how things are." To me, this speaks of hope in a way, even if your dreams stay dreams forever. It's good to dream, even if you might never get it.

This song is especially important to me, because it played a huge part in my life at some point. When I was in L.A. I couldn't stop thinking about exactly that. I prowled through all the stores until I found a picture postcard of L.A. with the California sun and I wrote "I made it! Love, forevermore" on it. It may be silly, but it was important to me. I still have it. Just like Rachel, I never "made it"... Kinda funny, too, that in 1998 I travelled the same track that Jessie did. From Las Vegas over L.A. to Mexico. That was... amazing.

Since I just mentioned Jessie I guess I should present the song, too. It's the first track and probably the song most people would know by Joshua. It was in the charts for a while in the mid-90s. I'm only mentioning it now for that reason and because it's not necessarily my most favorite one. I still like it, of course, and it basically was what made me fall in love with Joshua, but still. It's a bit worn out I guess.

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Last from this album I give you two songs which pretty much speak for themselves. They don't so much tell a story than illustrate sentiments everyone of us has felt at some point. At least that's true for Invisible Man. The other song, Mama's Arms might be autobiographical. I'm saying "might" because I can't really confirm it. Somehow this is what I remember from my heavy fandom days when I read each and every article and interview. But since I can't make sure, I'm going to be cautious. Either way, it's heartbreaking.

You know, in a way it's a bit frustrating that most songs who made it into the charts by Josh were those really smarmy love songs that don't really have any meaning, such as Beautiful in My Eyes. It's a nice song and all, but it's really just one of many love songs and doesn't carry a message or meaning. Yet, this seems to be the only glimpse the public got of his work. Same thing happened with Delilah Blue where the only actual single was Take it on Faith which is just as boring a love song as the other one. *shakes head*

Now wasn't that just the perfect lead-in to the next album? Delilah Blue!

I really had to force myself to stop here. Otherwise I probably would have covered the entire album. Somehow, all songs grow on you so much at some point that you just can't imagine not showing them to everyone you meet. When you're a little blues-y/gospel-y inclined (which I am), some of those tunes just make your heart thud in your chest and make you want to shout out loud with joy. Listen to the Lambs and The Gospel According To My Ol' Man are songs like that. I'm going to talk a bit about them.

The first one is just plain gospel, so it's not really worth a lot of words. The second talks about the narrator's father and how they both used to hang out outside of church and listen to the music drifting over to them. Our hero wonders about the questions of life and God, but he's never received a religious education from his father and yet he's given him the most important lesson imagineable: "Love's the only thing worth a damn".

Not that deep, but with the music, it's just awesome.

Now let's move on to a very special song, Delilah Blue. I've already covered what it means to me in the other post, so I'm not going to get into that again, but I'm just going to say that it's all kinds of awesome. It's incredibly long, almost ten minutes, and it just goes on and on telling you the story of these two people in magnificent detail until you feel like they're your best friends. Adding to that is this slow, sentimental piano with strings and drums that just tears the emotion right out of you.

My thoughts. )

If you've got your own ideas about the song, please share them with me, because I'd love to know them! ^^

Next is Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot. The beautiful thing about Joshua's albums is that you always have the feeling you're kinda listening to an ongoing story, illustrated song by song. In this song we learn about Neffertiti in all its beautiful gospel glory.

My thoughts. )

Now, onto the final song I'm going to cover here, Waiting In Green Velvet. Very similar instrumentation as Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot or The Gospel and many other songs which is probably the reason why I get the impression they're somehow connected. The story is quickly told, about a woman waiting for her bus, full of hopes and dreams, and somehow I always thought this was Neffertiti. Might just be me of course.

Hm, maybe I should mention for completeness' sake that on the album there's also a song called The Song on Neffertiti's Radio, just to illustrate you they all tie up nicely and build one well-rounded piece.

Phew... I'm kinda powered out now. I guess I'll just go ahead and post it now and see if the music touches you guys as it touched me! :)
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I've just finished watching the new Rammstein video for "Mann gegen Mann" and dude... it's bizarre. Of course I realize that's a "Duh" thing for Rammstein, but still... *laughs* If you're familiar with the song, it's about "the gay man" or "being gay". As usual, every time when Rammstain tackles a subject people immediately freak out and say they're being hostile towards it, against it, ridiculing it, whatever. So, naturally, Rammstein was accused of being anti-gay since they made a song about being gay. Makes total sense, doesn't it. Most people don't even bother to listen to what the band is saying about their songs and what they were thinking - something which they're usually very clear about - and so it just happens that Rammstein is one of the most misinterpreted bands I know.

In case your interested is piqued, the lead singer, Till, said about the song that he once lost a bet with one of the members of another band (forgot which) who's gay and so he had to go to a gay bar with him. While he was there he was enjoying himself greatly and he was observing how the gay men were acting around each other and he admired how easy it was for them to hook up with each other. No silly games, no needless beating around the bush. He thought that was great and it made him wish he could be like that. That's how the song was written. Just FYI.

Anyway, about the video. One thing I've always liked and adored about Rammstein was their aestheticism (which sometimes could actually be rather unaesthetic, but it's still part of a big consistent picture). I mean, they've never been cooler than they've been on "Live aus Berlin" and I'm still kinda craving for the eyeliners, silver hair, duct tape, tight latex clothes and leather coats. After that came "Mutter" which was a bit icky with all the birthing stuff and goo and gore. I haven't seen a lot of live material around "Reise, Reise", I must admit, so I don't know which theme they've chosen there and I don't notice any particular theme in "rosenrot" yet either. In "Benzin" they were dressed in some sort of Mad Max-ish fur-leather combo, in "rosenrot" they were all priests, monks and other clerics.

Now in "Mann gegen Mann" they're uhm, naked. Yes. All of them are, except for Till who - quite inexplicably - is wearing some sort of Marilyn Manson commemoration outfit with high heels, stockings (or were they boots that reached to his thighs? The stream was kinda low quality) and long black hair. Just like MM he tries to disfigure beauty by disrupting the black glossy long hair with a strip of shaved skull right on top, kinda like a reversed mohawk. He's the only one wearing anything around his naughty bits, too. He's wearing black panties. The shots are quite masterful, since you're always dangerously close to seeing the full monty of the guys when they move around but you never really see anything of consequence.

Ironically, Till is the one who sports the least droolable body, so to speak. The other band members are surprisingly lean, well-defined and muscular. Especially Paul surprised me O.o. Flake is his usual skinny self and I thought Schneider, being "the pretty one" usually, was actually rather lacking in definition on his chest, at least judged by his position behind the drums, just to be fair. Added to this scenery are gratuitous shots of musclemen flexing their muscles, then piles of naked men sliding across each other, rubbing against each other, slick with oil... yeah, the imagery is rather clear, if you ask me.

Then comes the usual "OMGWTF" moment that you get with almost every Rammstein video where the naked guys storm towards the band and sorta sweep them off their feet and wild fighting / humping ensues and you can't really see anything with all the naked bits and limbs flailing about, but you kinda get the idea that the band isn't that happy with being oberwhelmed like that. Rain is pouring down on everyone, slicking them up more. Then the band starts fighting back, beating off the men and sending them into retreat while Till is standing in the rain, black stuff pouring down his body, while he's screaming and tearing at his hair, pulling it out until a shaggy black shock of hair is left over.

Interesting video, but IMO not the best they could have come up with. Kinda reminded me of "Stripped" with the Riefenstahle aesthetic they used there. Not my favorite video of them, no. My favorite will always be "Du riechst so gut"... hmmm. "Sonne" is also awesome. Okay, a lot of them are awesome, but this isn't one of them.
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Cartoni Animati - DragonBall GT Sigla Originale
Gorillaz & D12 feat. Terry Hall - 911
"A" - I love Lake Tahoe
Papa Levante - Practicar Sexo
Daft Punk - One More Time
Ramones - Pet Sematary (live)
Bono Vox & Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin
Tiri Te Kanawa - O Mio Babbino Caro (A Room With A View OST)
Sophie Ellis Bexter - Take Me Home
Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby - Well Did You Evah
Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Michael Feinstein - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Daft Punk - Digital Love
Madness - It Must Be Love
Elmar Fudd - Kill the Wabbit (Metallica style)
Gravitation - Spicy Marmelade
Weird Al Yankovic - Bohemian Polka
Record of Lodoss War (OST) - Adesso E Fortuna
E Nomine - Vater Unser

Can you tell I'm weird? hahahah

Hmmm... I've got English, I've got Spanish, I've got German, Italian and Japanese... I need more languages. Suggestions, anyone? Good songs?
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Rupert Everett, taking the questionnaire from the audience whether they enjoyed the evening in the Robbie Williams concert live at the Albert Hall:

"Don't you think, Mr Williams looks fucking gorgeous in his tux???"

"Would you, despite the preference of sex you came here with this evening get on all fours and get royally shagged by Mr. Robbie Williams????"


Plus, I got confirmed once more. When Rob and Johnny performed the song live, Rob said to Johnny, "Closer than Johnny to confessing he's gay."

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the defendant:

Exhibit A: He sings showtunes. LOL! Okay, now seriously.

Exhibit B: He has a duet with Rupert Everett, who is - as we all know - gay. The song is called They Can't Take That Away From Me (Track 12), which comes with lines such as:
The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No they can't take that away from me

We may never ever meet again, on that bumpy road to love
Still I'll always, always keep the memory of...

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No they can't take that away from me
No they can't take that away from me
The song, your Honor, was written by Ira Gershwin, btw, who's a known homosexual. That just as a side note. Generally, it can be said that this song is a bit strange to be sung between two males, don't you think?

Additional Exhibit B-2: (just came in thanks to a secret informer) Robbie William's own words about They Can't Take That Away From Me: "It's a great gay ballad."

Exhibit C: The song Me and my Shadow, track 14 on the CD. Performed together with Robbie's roomy and favorite rumored-to-be-lover, Jonathan Wilkes (see previous post). The whole song shows a certain level of familiarity, but what really makes one think is the anecdote in the booklet which goes along the lines of "You should hear them both perform it together under the shower".

Do I need to say more? Anyway...

Exhibit D: One line in the song Me and my Shadow: "We're as close as Ricky [Martin] to confessing he's gay." Uhm, yeah...

Exhibit E: Same song, comments thrown in near the end by "Rob" and "Johnny":

Johnny: "Can we do that again?"
Rob: "No, I'm too tired."
"Oh please, Rob!"
"No, I'm swung out!"
"Oh come on! I'll give you some money!"
"I don't need money."
"How about a cup of tea?"
"Not thirsty. Besides... I won't tell anybody you're gay!"
"Oh fuck off!" *burst of laughter*

Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, I rest my case.

Thank you.
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Ooooooh, I love this video so much!!! (can you tell I'm watching MTV?? ^_^)

This video is fan-fucking-tastic! I love it love it love it! I guess you want me to tell you what it's about, eh? hehehe... well, if you insist!

It's all in anime style and by none other than Leiji Matsumoto! Awesome! He's also famous for Captain Harlock and while I'm not too sure I suspect that he also did Captain Future and this other series which name I forgot right now. You can tell by the way he draws his women and then he always has these... almost superdeformed characters in it whose faces look like bananas or so! LOL!

Anyway, it's still very pretty. The non-SD guys are very handsome and the women are... *roar*.

Now, this video (so far) splits up in two parts. For the first song One More Time a video was made where you see the concert of some alien band. They look just like humans only that their skin is blue. The whole planet seems to be united by the music of this band, everybody's enthralled and transfixed on the screens, watching them play on their concert. They're all smiling happily and swaying to the music.

The band consists of a "black" guy (he looks like a black guy, with the lips and hair, but he's not really, since they're all blue) who's the keyboarder, the guitarist, my personal favorite, slender young man with blonde shaggy hair, the bassist, sexy woman in typical Matsumoto style, another favorite of mine, and the drummer, the typical Matsumoto SD guy, grinning a lot, with tangly untamed brown hair. The keyboarder is also the lead singer.

While they play their concert you see a spaceship approaching and slowly invading the planet, and nobody notices because they're all captured by the music. Makes you wonder whether the band is into the scheme or not. The alien forces (wearing insectlike gas masks) spread on the planet and position themselves. On the spaceship you see some cloaked guy grinning smugly.

Some security guy suddenly sees the invading ship on the radar and wants to hit the alarm button, but it's too late, the soldiers already burst in.

That's how One More Time ends. Then there's the follow up, Aerodynamic which continues the story. The soldiers switch off the lights in the concert hall. People get nervous, look around, the band stops, shocked. The alien forces break into the room and shoot into the crowd, spreading some red gas that makes them collapse on the floor instantly. The band whips around when some soldiers jump on the stage. They shoot gas at them and the keyboarder, bassist and drummer collapse immediately, but the guitarist (my hero!!!! *_*) manages to dodge the gas and escapes.

He runs through some corridors, looking behind him for his enemies. You see one sniper looking at him calmly from some bridge. He opens his briefcase, gets out a gun and assembles it carerfully. Then he takes aim and shoots another red ball at the guitarist. He gets hit, the red smoke envelopes him and he falls. He hits the floor and shakes a little, looking at his abductors with a last look of defiance and then loses consciousness... *sobs*

The band members then all get carried away and put into caskets, apparently made especially for them. Their instruments get packed up, too, and then they are transported into the spaceship. You see the cloaked dude again, grinning some more, then throwing his arms out and laughing like crazy. The ship leaves, the inhabitants of the planet slowly regain consciousness and realize that the band is gone. Someone hits the alarm button.

That's how it ends. I'm sure there'll be a follow up! Just can't wait! I love it! I want to have it on DVD or so! In a proper format! NOW!!!! *hops around*

Here, I found this pic on the net. It's sorta sucky, I know. I'll try to snap some picks from the one clip I have on tape.


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