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Damn, I can't believe I forgot Denmark and Cyprus! D:

Created by OnePlusYou

Also, I claim two more! For some reason it totally refused to accept Swaziland and New Zealand! (okay the later I mucked up the spelling, but still! I knew it! I should do fuzzy search! D:) I just checked Zimbabwe. I kept trying to enter it with an S, so no wonder it rejected that too. So make that 57! Hmpf! Oh! And I tried United Emirates which it also didn't accept. Isn't that a country too?!?

(also, as I was brushing my teeth, I realized I forgot the United Kingdom and Ireland! OMG!!!!)
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Uhm, okay I have no idea what the hell this is LOL. But apparently I need to get people to click me so my city grows. So please, help Beelsten, UK, grow!

Click here!

(in case of confusion, I just recreated the city because I decided I like Beelston better than Beelsten ^^;;;. Just ignore the other place.)

Meme time!

Jan. 5th, 2008 12:22 pm
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Nabbed from [ profile] eiluned (whose attempt is awesome)

Let's Make a Band:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

You then take the pic and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your pic.

Here's mine! It actually turned out better than I thought it would, even though I suck at typography... X3


If you make covers of your own, please post them in your comment! I want to see them!
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Are you bored? Then why not check out this quiz here: The Magnum Cryptic Movie Trivia

After a couple of attempts I scored 39,211, but there are still two movies I can't figure out for the love of God, so if anyone's figures it out, please let me know!

  • muscleman + ventilator = ?

Here are the ones I already figured out, in case you're frustrated:
cut to protect the spoiler-free )

(You can click this safely to comment btw for I have made the font white so you can't read it unless you mark it!)
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This has caused quite a lot of discussion around here today:

In which direction is it spinning for you?

larger version behind the cut )

I can only see it spin clockwise, but I know others see it spin counter-clockwise or both directions even. Supposedly, it's related to which side of the brain you're predominantly using and depending on which side you use it means certain things. Not so sure about that, but you can read all about it here.

Apparently some people doubt that it actually CAN spin into the other direction you're not seeing. So I did this to illustrate that it can indeed be either direction. It's all in the mind!

sketch )

So, what do you see?
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Found this at [ profile] hellenebright's journal and I thought it was a neat idea! I loved the movie and I think the idea is awesome too! So, let's do it!

I will send a gift (or two) of some kind to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet, but I promise you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement in your journal.

The "gift" you send doesn't have to be handmade or even concrete. It can be fic, icons, whatever.

I can do fics, I suppose. Or artwork. Or something tangible. We can discuss that when you "sign up". Or maybe I'll just surprise you! :3
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Since I like a bit of closure I'm going to post the answers to the 25 songs meme from last week that nobody got right.

last chance to guess! )

All in all the results weren't so bad, I say! ^^
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Nicked from everyone.

Step 1. Put your playlist on random.
Step 2. Post the first a line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrasing.
Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly. NO GOOGLING.

It's kinda appalling how many songs have the title right in the first few lines! LOL So I've struck those out... Let's see how this works! *g* I'm not gonna strike out the whole song when it was guessed correctly because that always makes everything so hard to read.

25 random songs )
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When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.

THE MASTER: As if the perception filter is going to work on me. *spots MARTHA and JACK* And look, it's the girlie and the freak. Although, I'm not sure which one's which.

JACK: *runs at him, THE MASTER shoots him*

THE MASTER: Laser screwdriver! Who'd have sonic? And the good thing is, he's not dead for long, I get to kill him again!

3x12: The Sound of Drums

I feel so lame quoting from the current episode but I really loved this one! *g*
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Okay, everyone play this NOW and report results back to meeeeee! Okay, not really. I don't want to get spoiled, LOL. But you can tell me your progress and then we can compare or summin... *g* I got 22 on the farm word field so far.

On the Farm: 24
Religions: 13

A lot more, too fried to mention all.
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From [ profile] hannurdock

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next three sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
6. Tag five other people to do the same.


From "Alanna, The First Adventure" by Tamora Pierce:

"One of the older pages will sponsor you and show you how things are done. You will be in his charge until you are familiar with the palace and your duties. If you are obedient and work hard, you won't see me often."

Yeah... this is kinda lame, I know >.>;. Been meaning to reread this for ages now, so it's kinda catching dust on my nightstand. I'm just glad this on was closer than this romance novel that's also there XD;.

Hm... I wasn't going to tag, but what the hell. Feel free to ignore. [ profile] kribban, [ profile] krss, [ profile] laurenia, [ profile] lemurjoe, [ profile] no_ron
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Yeah, it's that time of year again. I'm bored, so I'm grabbing the list from over there (as of Feb. 27th 2007) and bolding all the movies I've seen... I wonder when I'll finally manage to fill the list. Probably when I stop refusing to watch Amelie! XD

cut for list )

End tally: (86/100)

Not bad! I just checked around a bit and found this list when I did it last time. Not sure if that really is the last time I did it... I did a meme kind of thing a year later, too. It's funny, I'm not really sure about some movies whether I've seen them or not! hahaha... Sometimes I read so much about movies that I have no idea whether I've actually seen them or just think I have XD.

Hmmm... lemme add some interview typed questions, just for the hell of it.

Movie that shouldn't be on this list: Honestly? LotR. I mean, they were good, yes, but not really Top 100 material. I smell fandom activity.
Movie that should be on this list: I'm a little surprised Capote isn't on it, not even in the Top 250.
Movie on this list that surprises you: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's awesome, but I wouldn't have expected it here. But I guess it's because it's a highly subjective list.

Okay, can't think of anthing else now so I'm gonna go ahead and post.
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Since I've seen a lot of people post this and I kinda hate the idea of doing one of those Year Review things for my life because this always depresses me, I've decided to do the writing one. It's kinda fun actually! :-P I wasn't going to do it at first because I thought I hadn't actually accomplished anything. I'm not exactly a prolific writer and I don't churn out one story after the other, and frankly I'm in awe at people who write like a fic a week. But now that I've completed the survey I guess I'm not so lame after all! :D

One year in stories

Total fic count: 8 fics = 102,331 words

Fuck 2D (4,722) Only fic I've written in the Gorillaz fandom before it totally put me off.
Perfect Stranger (4,662) unfinished NCIS fic which I abandoned because canon came dangerously close to my idea and I got disheartened...
My Favorite Year (14,433) first story I've written in the House fandom and a med school AU already... geeze.
The Way We Were (10.217) unfinished sequel to My Favorite Year, on hiatus as I am uncertain whether I should really be doing this.
Desk Duty (3,201) short and silly smut tie-in for "Cane and Able". Hardly noteworthy and the reason why I shouldn't be writing short... hah.
Altruism (26,787) written in record time (two weeks), touching unusual subjects. First time I've written such gore.
Days of Grace (32,423) first prompt I've written for the [ profile] hw_fest, featuring pairings I never thought I'd find myself writing!
Differential Detention (5,886) second prompt, also short and silly. I'm just not good at this sort of thing... heh.

Best of the batch: Uhm... uh.... uhm... that's like asking me to pick which one of by children I like the most! I guess I'm torn between "My Favorite Year" and "Altruism". I'm still impressed with the language of "My Favorite Year" and I can't believe I've written that. With "Altruism" I'm mighty proud of the idea in general and I know I've been the first one to write such a weird and whacky cross-over in the fandom, so that makes me feel special. Also, it's the one I put the most work in, research-wise. It felt like a real accomplishment.
Most underappreciated by the universe: Uuuuh... I actually never really felt underappreciated in the fandoms I've written in this year. House is an amazing fandom with friendly, responsive fans. So, I was always very pleased with the response I got. If I venture off into my entire arsenal of fics, I probably would need to say "I See Your Faces in the Strangest Places". I know that fic isn't the best I've ever written, it's probably not even that good in the first place, but it meant something to me then. I don't know if I'd still write something like that today, but it was special then. But Velvet Goldmine has always been a small fandom, so I guess it's natural that fics just breeze by. I did get some feedback for it though. The only fic that hasn't gotten any feedback is that deplorable M:I-2 fic I've written years ago and which I've hid away from the world for good reason, haha.
Most fun to write: Most definitely "Altruism". Even though it was incredibly draining to write it was also the most gratifying experience I have had in a long time. It was the first time I've written with a "writing coach", so to speak. kribbanKris had started taking an interest in House and she was really excited about my idea. It was wonderful to write, knowing someone was there who was interested in it, asked about it every day, gave incredibly helpful suggestions and just helped me stay on focus all the time (something which I often can't). It was simply amazing. I mean, I've tried partner writing before, but that had never really worked out. Probably because I am, deep inside, kinda self-absorded about my writing and I need to feel like I am the artist here. Horrible thought, I know... Either way, this was just wonderful and I guess that was also what helped me to finally develop a writing habit which allows me to actually write a healthy amount every day. It's actually giving me hopes for the future that I could actually be a real writer one day.
Sexiest fic: Heh... no clue. "Days of Grace" maybe? I liked the vague sex scenes in the flashbacks and the Chase bits were pretty hot, too. I'd like to think all of my sex scenes are sexy! :-P
Smuttiest fic: "Fuck 2D" was pretty pointless and smutty, yeah. I don't mind calling that one smutty. Usually I dislike that term since it seems to lack a certain depth. Even the one smut fic I wrote in the House fandom, "Desk Duty", still had an emotional component to it that I find important.
Fluffiest fic: ... I don't think there is one. I don't really write fluff, do I?? Of all the fics I've written this year, I suppose "Differential Detention" is the fluffiest, but I wouldn't actually call it fluffy... no.
Most angsty: "Altruism" again, of course. Seriously, it's one big tour de force.
Most canon: Hm, dunno... I pride myself of trying to stick to canon and be in character as much as possible. I suppose, sad as it sounds, "Desk Duty" probably was the most canon, as tie-ins tend to be. All the others had one or two aspects about it that made them rather removed from canon. "My Favorite Year" being AU all over, "Altruism" forcing Wilson into OOCness a bit (for plot reasons), "Day of Grace" also being a little AU-ish... yeah.
Least canon: "My Favorite Year", most likely. I mean, of course House and Wilson never went to med school together and I had to strain canon facts a lot to make it half-plausible. But it didn't really hurt the story, did it?
"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic: Hahaha... probably "Altruism" again! I mean, writing gory scenes about sawing off your own limbs... yeah, that was pretty insane.
Fic that shifted your own perceptions of the characters: Hmmm... that'll be "Days of Grace" I suppose. I never really thought I'd write about Chase and I didn't know how he'd turn out when I started writing it, but in the end I was pleased with the results and I've warmed up to Chase a bit. Just a little bit though! :-P
Hardest fic to do: "Altruism", probably. The amount of research I had to do for it was insane. It probably took up 50% of the creative process. But it really paid off. It was also very straining to write, emotionally, but I loved that. The posting process of a part a day was also extremely gruelling and I'm not sure if I ever want to do something like that again.
Biggest disappointment: "Perfect Strangers" I guess, because I really thought the idea was great and then canon made my awesomely creative idea just a mere rehash of what already had happened on the show. Maybe I'll pick it up again later, who knows. I mean, in the end canon wasn't quite like my idea, not even remotely, but I was still peeved and disappointed.
Biggest surprise: "Days of Grace", hands down. I didn't really want to write it. I didn't even know why the fuck I claimed it since I've always been upset with the whole Grace idea and I didn't like her as a character at all. But I had committed to something, so I had to do it. My first idea was kinda lame, too, but with the help of kribbanKris and a lot of brainstorming sessions we came up with a kick-ass idea. As I was writing it, I still didn't think it was that great, but I went along. I even put in House/Chase because I had promised it to Kris. It just seemed weird all over. And then it was done and I published it and suddenly everybody loved it. That was very weird.
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You scored as Either. You brain is neither specifically male, nor female in the way you perceive your surroundings. As bad as this may sound to some, it can easily mean that you are capable of combining both gender aspects to your advantage. Rather than being genderless you are possibly able think freely. This does not mean that you are bisexual or androgynous or indecisive, but it might.










Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
created with

TV Meme

Nov. 3rd, 2006 09:16 pm
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Bold if you've seen more than three episodes in your lifetime. Bold and italicize if you think you've seen every episode. You can add up to three shows, but keep it in alphabetical order.

long-ass list in which I betray that that I have no life )


Aug. 3rd, 2006 09:29 pm
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The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 15% brainwashworthy, 36% antitolerant, and 9% blindly patriotic


Jun. 9th, 2006 07:36 pm
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Dr. Robert Chase
66% Eccentricity, 35% Confidence, 40% Kindness
Congratulations, you're Dr. Robert Chase! You're quite the complicated person. While you may seem like a perfectly normal extremely attractive person, there is far more to you than meets the eye. It's quite likely that you've had some unusual experiences in your life, whether it be something along the lines of a stint in seminary school or something along the lines of S&M parties. You are rather insecure, and will often do things you don't want to do to win the good favors of others. While you may seem nice enough, getting ahead and doing what's best for yourself is usually more important to you than much else in life.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Eccentricity
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You scored higher than 99% on Confidence
free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Kindness
Link: The House, MD Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Since when is Chase the eccentric and weird one? O.o haha... I'd like to think I'm nicer than 40% though! D: Well at least I didn't get Cameron...
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Since everyone's doing them and I've already done a buttload for others, please humor me!

How would you describe me in five words? Pleeeeeeeeeease?
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For reference...

Disorder Results 2003 - 2002 - 2001

Paranoid: Very High - High - High
Schizoid: Moderate - Moderate - Low
Schizotypal: Very High - Very High - High
Antisocial: Low - Low - Low
Borderline: Very High - Very High - Very High
Histrionic: High - High - High
Narcissistic: Moderate - Moderate - Moderate
Avoidant: Very High - Very High - High
Dependent: Very High - High - High
Obsessive-Compulsive: High - High - High

Actually, only two have gotten worse. Yay me.

Am I really that bad?


*waits for Fleur to get up*
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Urgh... I think it's gotten worse...

Paranoid:Very High
Schizotypal:Very High
Borderline:Very High
Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --


Last year

The year before.

Hm yup. Still wonderfully nuts. -.-;;;


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