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As seen in [ profile] turntap2's LJ:

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Untitled Galaxy Quest fic )

Untitled Film-Noir-ish attempt )

House fic 1 )

House fic 2 )

House fic 3 )

Sorta jossed NCIS fic )

Very old song novelization )

Smallville fic wtf? )

Torchwood fic 1 )

Torchwood fic 2 )

Gabriel Knight, AKA nostalgic trip down memory lane )

The Star Wars fic that never was )

The Phantom Phic )

Man... so many WIPs. I really do suck, don't I?
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Ending Season Three With a Bang? An Interview with House Writer Lawrence Kaplow
Written by Diane Kristine
Published April 23, 2007
Part of House

Lawrence Kaplow is obstinately tight-lipped about the House season three finale, scheduled to air May 29. He does reveal that he co-wrote it with Thomas Moran; that the teaser was conceived before the rest of the episode, shot before the episode was fully written, and took considerable preparation, special effects, and stunt men; that executive producer Katie Jacobs, who'd directed for the first time on the Kaplow-penned "Half-Wit," was directing this one, too; and that the rest of the episode started filming on Friday.

rest of artice, reposted for keeping )
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I'm currently researching House-fandom history and was wondering about what the most influential fics of the fandom are. Since that is impossible to figure out all by myself, I'm asking for your help in the matter. I would like to ask you to nominate up to 10 fics per pairing that you found the most influential in the House fandom. You can pick less, too, of course. Once I've compiled the lists, I'm going to figure out a top list of nominated fics and then probably ask to vote again. Or if that's conclusive already take that as a result and let you know about it.

So, I'd like to ask you to take a moment to nominate fics that you consider the most influential to the fandom. Nominate them in no particular, simply as they come to mind. If your super favorite pairing is missing, it's probably because it's not that mainstream and I'm trying to keep it slim. Use the "other" poll then and don't forget to mention the pairing as well then or else I can't use your nomination. Use the comment box to let me know anything else you may find important such as "This was the first H/W fic ever written" or whatever.

Defining "influential":

There's a distinct difference between just plain liking a story a whole bunch and feeling like it changed something. Fanfic awards are meant for your favorite fics. This poll however is meant to be different. What I want to know are fics that somehow influenced you and, in your opinion, the fandom. Like, sometimes a fic will turn you towards a pairing. Or change your perception of it. Or show you a genre you didn't think you'd like or that it could be combined with this fandom. Or it gave you new insights into the characters. Or it simply was the first of that kind and you were there to witness it. That's what I'm trying to find that out.

Please bear in mind, this is not a popularity contest but a serious attempt to find out which fics have moved the fandom. So don't go around campaigning to push your favorite writers. That'd be pointless since the results would be inaccurate.

Disclaimer of sorts:

This research is conducted purely out of fannish interest and for the benefit of the fandom. Your answers won't be quoted in any research paper or book and they will remain completely anonymous. There will be no great masterlist in the end that states who nominated who. The results are visible to me only and I will treat the information with utmost respect and discretion. Ideally, the end result of this will be a neat list showing a couple of fics that rocked the fandom, providing enough people participate to make any kind of evaluation reasonable. My nightmare would be to receive 100 individual recs... *g*

Please nominate in this format: Name by Author. Reason (optional).

The Polls )

Poll for House / Wilson )

Poll for House / Cameron )

Poll for House / Chase )

Poll for House / Cuddy )

Poll for House gen fics )

Poll for OT3 pairings )

Poll for other pairings )

Also, if you can, spread the links around so we can get as many members of the fandom from all over the place to participate! ^^

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Since I've seen a lot of people post this and I kinda hate the idea of doing one of those Year Review things for my life because this always depresses me, I've decided to do the writing one. It's kinda fun actually! :-P I wasn't going to do it at first because I thought I hadn't actually accomplished anything. I'm not exactly a prolific writer and I don't churn out one story after the other, and frankly I'm in awe at people who write like a fic a week. But now that I've completed the survey I guess I'm not so lame after all! :D

One year in stories

Total fic count: 8 fics = 102,331 words

Fuck 2D (4,722) Only fic I've written in the Gorillaz fandom before it totally put me off.
Perfect Stranger (4,662) unfinished NCIS fic which I abandoned because canon came dangerously close to my idea and I got disheartened...
My Favorite Year (14,433) first story I've written in the House fandom and a med school AU already... geeze.
The Way We Were (10.217) unfinished sequel to My Favorite Year, on hiatus as I am uncertain whether I should really be doing this.
Desk Duty (3,201) short and silly smut tie-in for "Cane and Able". Hardly noteworthy and the reason why I shouldn't be writing short... hah.
Altruism (26,787) written in record time (two weeks), touching unusual subjects. First time I've written such gore.
Days of Grace (32,423) first prompt I've written for the [ profile] hw_fest, featuring pairings I never thought I'd find myself writing!
Differential Detention (5,886) second prompt, also short and silly. I'm just not good at this sort of thing... heh.

Best of the batch: Uhm... uh.... uhm... that's like asking me to pick which one of by children I like the most! I guess I'm torn between "My Favorite Year" and "Altruism". I'm still impressed with the language of "My Favorite Year" and I can't believe I've written that. With "Altruism" I'm mighty proud of the idea in general and I know I've been the first one to write such a weird and whacky cross-over in the fandom, so that makes me feel special. Also, it's the one I put the most work in, research-wise. It felt like a real accomplishment.
Most underappreciated by the universe: Uuuuh... I actually never really felt underappreciated in the fandoms I've written in this year. House is an amazing fandom with friendly, responsive fans. So, I was always very pleased with the response I got. If I venture off into my entire arsenal of fics, I probably would need to say "I See Your Faces in the Strangest Places". I know that fic isn't the best I've ever written, it's probably not even that good in the first place, but it meant something to me then. I don't know if I'd still write something like that today, but it was special then. But Velvet Goldmine has always been a small fandom, so I guess it's natural that fics just breeze by. I did get some feedback for it though. The only fic that hasn't gotten any feedback is that deplorable M:I-2 fic I've written years ago and which I've hid away from the world for good reason, haha.
Most fun to write: Most definitely "Altruism". Even though it was incredibly draining to write it was also the most gratifying experience I have had in a long time. It was the first time I've written with a "writing coach", so to speak. kribbanKris had started taking an interest in House and she was really excited about my idea. It was wonderful to write, knowing someone was there who was interested in it, asked about it every day, gave incredibly helpful suggestions and just helped me stay on focus all the time (something which I often can't). It was simply amazing. I mean, I've tried partner writing before, but that had never really worked out. Probably because I am, deep inside, kinda self-absorded about my writing and I need to feel like I am the artist here. Horrible thought, I know... Either way, this was just wonderful and I guess that was also what helped me to finally develop a writing habit which allows me to actually write a healthy amount every day. It's actually giving me hopes for the future that I could actually be a real writer one day.
Sexiest fic: Heh... no clue. "Days of Grace" maybe? I liked the vague sex scenes in the flashbacks and the Chase bits were pretty hot, too. I'd like to think all of my sex scenes are sexy! :-P
Smuttiest fic: "Fuck 2D" was pretty pointless and smutty, yeah. I don't mind calling that one smutty. Usually I dislike that term since it seems to lack a certain depth. Even the one smut fic I wrote in the House fandom, "Desk Duty", still had an emotional component to it that I find important.
Fluffiest fic: ... I don't think there is one. I don't really write fluff, do I?? Of all the fics I've written this year, I suppose "Differential Detention" is the fluffiest, but I wouldn't actually call it fluffy... no.
Most angsty: "Altruism" again, of course. Seriously, it's one big tour de force.
Most canon: Hm, dunno... I pride myself of trying to stick to canon and be in character as much as possible. I suppose, sad as it sounds, "Desk Duty" probably was the most canon, as tie-ins tend to be. All the others had one or two aspects about it that made them rather removed from canon. "My Favorite Year" being AU all over, "Altruism" forcing Wilson into OOCness a bit (for plot reasons), "Day of Grace" also being a little AU-ish... yeah.
Least canon: "My Favorite Year", most likely. I mean, of course House and Wilson never went to med school together and I had to strain canon facts a lot to make it half-plausible. But it didn't really hurt the story, did it?
"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic: Hahaha... probably "Altruism" again! I mean, writing gory scenes about sawing off your own limbs... yeah, that was pretty insane.
Fic that shifted your own perceptions of the characters: Hmmm... that'll be "Days of Grace" I suppose. I never really thought I'd write about Chase and I didn't know how he'd turn out when I started writing it, but in the end I was pleased with the results and I've warmed up to Chase a bit. Just a little bit though! :-P
Hardest fic to do: "Altruism", probably. The amount of research I had to do for it was insane. It probably took up 50% of the creative process. But it really paid off. It was also very straining to write, emotionally, but I loved that. The posting process of a part a day was also extremely gruelling and I'm not sure if I ever want to do something like that again.
Biggest disappointment: "Perfect Strangers" I guess, because I really thought the idea was great and then canon made my awesomely creative idea just a mere rehash of what already had happened on the show. Maybe I'll pick it up again later, who knows. I mean, in the end canon wasn't quite like my idea, not even remotely, but I was still peeved and disappointed.
Biggest surprise: "Days of Grace", hands down. I didn't really want to write it. I didn't even know why the fuck I claimed it since I've always been upset with the whole Grace idea and I didn't like her as a character at all. But I had committed to something, so I had to do it. My first idea was kinda lame, too, but with the help of kribbanKris and a lot of brainstorming sessions we came up with a kick-ass idea. As I was writing it, I still didn't think it was that great, but I went along. I even put in House/Chase because I had promised it to Kris. It just seemed weird all over. And then it was done and I published it and suddenly everybody loved it. That was very weird.
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I'm currently working on my next entry for the [ profile] hw_fest and I haaaaaaaaate it. I mean, I didn't really like Days of Grace either, but in the end I warmed to it. Right now, I'm not liking this one. I guess I'm just not cut out for fluffy, funny, short stuff. I always feel like I'm doing a half-assed job. But what can I do. I just hope I can whip it into shape anyhow.

Speaking of the [ profile] hw_fest, what's going on with that anyway?? I mean, there hardly aren't any posts right now. It also upsets me that all my prompts haven't been done yet (even though they were claimed) and I get the feeling people are just going to not write it. I've never participated in such a thing so I really wonder what the usual return rate is. Either the fest is going to get swamped near the end or a lot of people just never write the prompts they claimed.

Personally, I feel a moral obligation towards completing my prompts (even though I seriously think I was on drugs or something when I claimed those!). I know someone out there is looking forward to them (hopefully) and I don't want to disappoint. One I simply have to finish because it was a very popular prompt and if I don't do it I would have taken someone else's spot who probably would have written it gladly. So, not good. The other no one else has claimed and I aim to deliver. So, my hands are tied!

However, since I realize I suck when I try to write a fic in one week I don't think I'll manage in time. So, I need to see how I can manage that. I have finally conceived a plot for the ghost fic (thanks to kribbanKris), but I get the feeling it's going to take longer x.x. We'll see. I don't have high hopes for finishing this before the end of the fest. Especially since it's winter holiday now and that means bro is back from college (and sick), so he's camping out in the living room, always watching TV and basically stealing my main writing time. Very annoying.

I'm still flirting with the idea of writing a Torchwood fic, but I don't think I will. I don't have the characters down yet, really, and I don't know the fandom yet. I'm not a very social person and new places make me nervous. Not to mention the fact that my bestest writing buddy Kris isn't interested in Torchwood and it's such a bleak and lonely place without her! hehehe

I think I've established my writing speed. I guess I can write between 1000 and 2000 words a day, depending on my mood. I guess it could be faster but I really have never written more than maaaaybe 3000 words a day and that was a very rare occasion. I envy people who just churn out the stories like nothing. I wonder how they do it. It's not just the speed with which they write, I guess. I tend to sit on my stories for a long time usually before publishing them. If I think of all the unpublished onces sitting on my hard drive I could weep... wah. This is probably why fests are a good thing. Forces you to release the stuff already! hehehe...
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(Since the link in the subject didn't work, here it is: LINK!!!!)

Oh boy, so excited! Haha... lots of nominations for The Departed, as expected. Double nomination for Clint Eastwood as Best Director, what gives? Need to peruse the list properly first.

And Hugh Laurie received a nomination for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama", going toe to toe with Patrick Dempsey for "Grey's Anatomy", Michael C. Hall for "Dexter", Bill Paxton for "Big Love" and Kiefer Sutherland for "24"!

That's going to be a tough choice though! Michael C. Hall is excellent in "Dexter" and Patrick Dempsey doesn't show much shine for his acting IMO (neither does the show, just saying), but since they're the big competitors for "House", that's gonna be interesting!

No nomination for anybody else from the cast nor the show itself, but one for GA! Boooh. And who the fuck put Desperate Housewives into the comedy category? O.o
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You probably have seen it already, but there's a new clip over at featuring Robert Sean Leonard and David Morse discussing the Tritter arc.

Since some people over at [ profile] hw_wilson have asked for a transcript which I have happily provided, I figured I might as well post it here for myself to keep and for others. ^^

RSL: The entrance of David Morse's character, the detective, into the show forces Wilson to deal with House in a way he hasn't dealt with him before. He forces him to make choices, you know. He's got to defend himself and in order to protect himself he's got to give up some dirt on House. Or not, it's his choice to do that. So, their friendship is tested in a way that I think it hasn't been so far in the series.

DM: Really, I don't think of my character as a bully. I think it's just somebody who's been around, that he's seen it, and he's just dealing with another guy on drugs, really. And he's seen all the games. You know, he knows the tricks.

RSL: Dr. Wilson is forced into a corner by Tritter in many ways. You know, Tritter is out to get House and he wants the dirt on House and obviously Wilson is a good person to mine for that and... So yeah, he's got a lot of important choices to make once he meets Det. Tritter. 'Cause Tritter has no problem getting Wilson in trouble in order to get what he needs on House.

DM: When Det. Tritter first goes after Dr. House Tritter's pretty angry at him. Tritter's been violated by this doctor and he wants revenge. He'd be happy to see this guy go to jail, and worse. But as he meets people over time, as he starts meeting the other people in the hospital and gets a sense of who this guy really is and what he means to the hospital and to the patients.

I love how RSL just keeps repeating himself... LOL. Also, I didn't transcribe all the "uh..."s and fragments and "you know"s that both of them seem to be throwing in constantly. I like DM's analysis of his character and how his motivations might change. I think it's plausible to have him sway in his determination to utterly destroy House once he's seen that he's not just a total ass full of himself, but that he's actually got a right to be that way. I mean, he IS brilliant. Plus, Tritter got his revenge by driving that wedge between House and Wilson either way, so all is well for him, I guess.

And is it just me or did they like cut off the second half of DM's sentence there??? It seems like the sentence wasn't quite finished yet... oh well.
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Kinda silly and old news, but I made this this morning and don't want to lose the link.

House's response to New Jersey's recognizing the right to same-sex unions.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:46 am
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To honor the most recent House episode! XD

I couldn't help but think this was totally hot... even though it was the wrong guy, dammit! Hehehe
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Some new nice House bits have emerged and somehow they're all so nice that I want to keep them forever and ever, but of course the evil sites won't let me save them! D: So I've transcribed them, just so I can always remember then! *huggles*

First, there's a new bit from the upcoming episode called "You're a miserable jerk". Here's a transcript of the scene:

Wilson: First of all, I'm not dating her!
House: She's SO wrong for you. You know she filed the forms so the hospital would take extra withholding. Who does that?
Wilson: She's much too cautious for me. Point taken. I'll... I'll start dating her so I can break up with her and start dating a stripper.
House: *looks to the side*
Wilson: You're a miserable jerk who can't stand to be alone!
House: I didn't try to break up your marriages. You did that yourself.
Wilson: My marriages were so crappy I was spending all my time with YOU. Your real fear is me having a good relationship.
House: *sarcastic* Yes, it keeps me up at night. That and the Loch Ness monster, global warming, evolution... other fictional concepts... Although, big romantic weekend in the Poconos could change everything.
Wilson: *looks*
House: *looks back*
Wilson: *eyes narrow*
House: *looks more intensely*
Wilson: You don't mean... *points around between House and self* No. *rolls eyes* I don't think it's sarcoidosis. *hands file back*
House: *takes it with a meaningful, kinda disappointed look*

Now seriously, could this be any slashier? I mean, seriously! House is basically suggesting a romantic weekend! Hahaha... Too bad Wilson's reaction is a little adverse it seems.

And then there are the new videos at

First one is Ausiello interviewing Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer at the Fox Fall Party:

A: House has been off the air for a couple of weeks and fans are a little irritated about that, but you're coming back with a vengeance, I hear, right?
JS: When?
LE: We've got some... *looks at JS* We're coming back next week, I think!
JS: What, with the series? Wow... that's how much I know!
LE: Don't ask him anything!
JS: I just revealed my ignorance!
A: You thought House was still on air?
LE: He's really pretty, but he doesn't really know a lot.
JS: There's a show called House?!? Oh my God! What channel is it on?
LE: Ehm, yeah, we're coming back. David Morse is starting his story arc and he is so amazing. And, by the way, really sexy.
JS: What?
LE: *sad* And married. They're all married! He's a really handsome guy.
A: You think he can help Cuddy out with her eggs situation?
LE: I have pitched that idea, but that wasn't actually their intention for the storyline and I don't understand why.
JS: With a policeman! What would have been good!
LE: I thought so, too!
JS: Yeah...
A: What is the latest with Cuddy's eggs?
LE: Cuddy is having some difficulty.
JS: It'll be me. It'll be me next. I'm like the whore-doctor. We'll end up together.
LE: Yeah, sleep with me.
JS: Yeah, of course I will! It'll be great! Get your eggs, please!
LE: Somebody's gotta!
A: Will she get pregnant this season?
LE: I don't know! So far, no, but we'll see what happens.
A: Okay, now this thing with David Morse coming in, it's gonna create some tension with everybody, because he's gonna be going out and question each one of you, correct?
LE: Yeah.
JS: Yeah, it's interrogation all around.
LE: I think it makes our characters more complex, it allows our relationship to House to be more complex. Uhm... it does a lot for the show. This storyline's my favorite so far...
JS: Yeah, it is.
LE: ... of an outside character coming in.
JS: Yeah, it's just gonna raise the stakes with everybody. Uh... 'cause I ratted out House last season one or season two, so everyone suspects me for ratting out House again. So it's like inter-team tension.
LE: It really pushes the envelope with Wilson and Cuddy in terms of their trust and uh... It's great. I think there's a lot of really good stuff coming up.
JS: But not as good as the eggs!
LE: Not as important as my eggs.
JS: Not as important as the eggs.
A: You know... we need to see more of hospital hook-ups. I mean, look at Grey's Anatomy, number one show on TV, they're having sex with every one.
JS: Yeah, but they're gonna run out of things to do, aren't they? They're gonna run out of sex. And you can't run out of sex, can you.
LE: Well, we're just waiting for like season eight.
JS: Yeah... The orgy, the orgy scenes...
A: When it really kicks in...
JS: Yeah, when that happens? Man, it's just not gonna stop. It's gonna be insane.
A: The flood gates are gonna open, and that's it.
JS: And everyone's gonna get pregnant, including the males.
A: What's going on with Chase this season?
JS: Uhm...
A: Are we gonna get a Chase story?
LE: You have to really watch Chase closely when you watch episodes! Like I suggest watching episodes twice. One to see the episode and the second time to just see what he's doing when he's not talking.
JS: Yeah...
A: What are you doing?
JS: Uh... stuff, you know.
LE: Things like looking in his coffee...
JS: Oh, I get bored and I... yeah...
LE: 'Oh this coffee doesn't taste good!... Oh no, that's not good...'. I love watching him in the background.
A: You know, sometimes I feel sorry for you guys. 'Cause a lot of it is like eyerolling. It's like, House says something and then the eyerolling take. You guys talk about that on the set like different ways to eyeroll?
JS: Yeah, it gets a little tiring. It's better for me, because a lot of times I end up agreeing with House which is kind of fun, because not many characters do. So I get to go 'You know what? He's right.' And that's refreshing. But yeah, we do have to do a lot of 'Oh my God... not again! No! No, House, you can't! You'll kill...' Oh, I'm sick of this.
A: And I'm like thinking to myself: Don't they know him by now?
JS: Yeah...
LE: As a stewardess once said to me. All I get to do is go, *stern* 'No, you don't!'
A & JS: *laugh*
LE: She was like,'Oh! You're on that show! You go. 'No, you don't!''
JS: 'Oh no, you don't!' That's gonna be her doll. When the Cuddy doll comes out I'm gonna pull the string: 'Oh no, you don't!'
A: And what would your doll say?
JS: Uh... I have no idea! I won't say anything! I'll just look in my coffee!
LE: And Robert's will go, 'Well, it's not cancer!'
JS: 'It's not cancer!'
A: I think it's gonna be a hot seller! I think you're on to something. The Christmas toy of the year.
LE: Yeah!
JS: We gotta tell Fox about it. Get them made.
A: I'll pitch with them tomorrow.
JS: All right.
A: You have fun tonight. Take care, so long!
LE: Byeeee!
JS: Cheers... toodle loo!

This interview just keeps me lolling. Those two are just so great. Although I have to admit that it keeps occurring to me that Jesse Spencer doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the cupboard, but he's cute and fun and friendly, so who cares. Lisa Edelstein is way to loud and giddy which kinda makes you wonder whether she's stinking drunk, but if you compare her to her appearances in the making-ofs and all she's just always like that! I love her. She's so much fun... hehehe.

There are just so many great lines in this... too much to mention. I just love Jesse refering to Chase as the "whore-doctor" hahaha... Mmmmmmmmmh, slut!Chase fics... And of course that bit about them all having an orgy and everyone, including the males, getting pregnant. Now that's an arc I'd like to see! Hahaha... and Lisa is just too obsessed with Cuddy's ovaries... geeeeze! Heheheh...

There's also an interview with Jennifer Morrison but I found that boring and she's just too obsessed with her and House having sex, so no thanks. Moving on to Robert who's adorable as always and it'll never cease to amaze me how very different he talks as Wilson! Two completely different personas!

Ausiello interviews Robert Sean Leonard at the Fox Fall Party:

Ausiello: I'm with Robert Sean Leonard from House. There's gonna be some tension between House and Wilson with David Morse coming in, I hear.
RSL: That is true. David Morse stirs up a little trouble.
Ausiello: Big trouble.
RSL: Well, he's a big guy!
Ausiello: And... is this gonna ruin the friendship? This friendship?
RSL: Well, I can honestly say I don't know which is nice for me to be able to say. I know we get into a lot of trouble, uh... you know, we... we... we're using a few scripts ahead of the audience... probably a lot fewer scripts than people think. We really don't know a lot of times as actors.
Ausiello: So, you know, fans write in and they're picking up on some sexual tension between House and Wilson. When you and Hugh are playing those scenes, do you feel it?
RSL: Wow... I *laughs nervously* I missed that one. Uh... no, I don't... I missed that area of our relationship. If it exists I've... I've got... my sonar is broken, or something.
Ausiello: Well, people like to think of them... they think of them like one of the couples of the show, because they are! They sort of are like spouses in a way.
RSL: Uh yeah... they are sort of a concoction of television that doesn't seem to exist in real life. It's kind of like these friends that are fun to watch that actually don't quite... I've never quite seen in real life. Unless, you know, Neil Simon shoves them into an apartment together for... 47 years. Ah, but yes, they're sort of the neat, hen-pecking one and the sort of guy who keeps messing them up and getting them in trouble. I don't know how long I'd stay around for that. But I guess Wilson doesn't feel that way.
Ausiello: Thanks for stoping by tonight, Robert. Have fun tonight!
RSL: Thanks, you too.

Very cute. But really, Robert, I have to wonder about you! If we look at the scene I mentioned above, how can you seriously say you haven't picked up on any tension between House and Wilson? Come oooooon! You're not fooling us there! *nudges* Hehehe...
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I've started posting my House/Saw crossover! For some reason I'm really nervous about this. I haven't really posted anything like this before, so I wonder how it'll be received. Plus, Kris and I put so much work into this, editing and discussing it to death that I'm just feeling really strongly about it... I hope it'll be received well...

If you want to check it out, I've posted it here. I've even made a neat little graphic for it!

Look! )

Oh, and GIP! Well... technically it's not a GIP since there's some kind of content to the post... but you get the idea! XD
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And LOL @ the current poll over at

I'm not deluding myself to the fact that this will mean the results will stay that way. Het-shippers are a resilient bunch. But for now it amuses me and I can't say how pleased I am with the mere fact that "House and Wilson" appears there as a pairing. We have won, sisters! Hehehe...
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Wednesday, October 25 2006
House Beautiful
With huge ratings and juicy plot twists, the hit medical drama is looking sharper than ever!

by David Hochman


Well, well. What have we here? Just off the main lobby at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, there's a plastic Baggie stuffed with amber-colored prescription bottles of every standard shape and size. It's Dr. Gregory House's entire stash. Exactly which bottle he chooses on screen depends on the situation.
"He uses a larger bottle with smaller pills if he's taking a whole bunch of them," explains Tyler Patton, property master on Fox's hit medical drama House. "Or he uses a short, squat bottle if he's taking one big Vicodin."

Either way, House always gets his fix, though this week — spoilers be damned! — the doctor pops one pill too many in an episode that catches House, played by Hugh Laurie, killing pain on the wrong side of the law. David Morse (St. Elsewhere, Hack) guest stars as a patient who also happens to be a cop. The multi-episode story line begins when House, cranky as ever, downs a self-prescribed Vicodin during the patient exam. And as Laurie puts it during a break between scenes on the Fox Studios set in Los Angeles, "It doesn't help that House keeps the patient waiting too long with a thermometer dangling — and I'm not talking about the oral kind of thermometer."

Rarely does such a wretched bedside manner draw so many return appointments. House's first season premiered to 7 million viewers, and the second opened with around 16 million. Earlier this month, Season 3 premiered to roughly 20 million viewers. And House the character has needled his way into the world beyond the hospital doors. Although Laurie was shut out of the Emmy race this year, his in-character diagnosis of Emmy host Conan O'Brien ("… subject could be anemic; possibly albino…") was the funniest moment in the funniest awards show in memory. Laurie will get another chance to show his funny side when he hosts this week's Saturday Night Live. Will there be an SNL parody of House? How could there not?

Off camera, the British-born actor is finally enjoying the kind of royal treatment in America he's been getting for decades in the U.K., where he's revered for his cheeky BBC comedies. (He and wife Jo Green split their home life between L.A. and London. "It's not ideal," Laurie says, "but then not many things are. It's actually weird that it's not weirder: Within half a day, you're going, ‘What was the weather like back in London?'")

The normally unflappable Laurie, whose latest contract reportedly earns him nearly $300,000 an episode, sounds a bit giddy talking about House's boom. "Last night a few of us went out to a bar that was positively heaving with humanity," he says, "and I thought, ‘We'll never get in.' But the maître d' took one look and—chop-chop—‘Right this way, Mr. Laurie. Here's your table, Mr. Laurie. We're here to serve, Mr. Laurie.' I thought, ‘Well, perhaps people are watching.'"

No doubt viewers will keep watching this fall, as House feels the heat during the investigation of the doc's narcotics habit. Morse is scheduled for six episodes, during which his detective "puts his entire life into making House's entire life miserable," Morse says. Adds House creator David Shore, "House finally pisses off the wrong guy, and now he and everybody around him are going to pay the price."

House began taking pills for chronic pain after developing an infarction in his right leg, which also explains that famous cane of his (prop-master Patton keeps six canes on hand — "one for every bad mood House has," he says). But while the drug habit was treated merely as a character quirk until now, it's about to become a full-on vice. "House is an addict, and we wanted to deal with that in an honest way," Shore says. "We're very aware that this is a real problem. Rates of addiction among doctors are higher than in the population at large, and we couldn't keep playing this for fun."

Then again, even Laurie was in denial about what House was taking until very recently. "I knew they weren't real pills, of course, but it wasn't until this season that I asked what they actually were," says Laurie, who looks relaxed despite House's perpetual five-day grizzle. It turns out the prop tablets are made of a Lactaid-like compound. "The other day, I took some and they were very sweet and the crew guys said, ‘You didn't eat those, did you?' and I said, ‘Uh, yeah.' And they said, ‘Uhhh, you'll probably be fine.'"

Everything is bigger this season on House....

Can't get enough of House? Find exclusive features, video, photos and more at
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If you go here on you can watch some interesting clips on House, such as an extended scene of the confrontation between House and the cop in the next episode. I just love how spoiler. )

The other clips are very nice, too. Lisa Edelstein is just so beautiful and sexy, I just want to ravish her whenever I see her and she's so much fun when she's talking. Totally different from her character, which is good! Awesome chick. Jesse Spencer comes a cross as a bit of a dork when he tries to summarize his character in a couple of sentences and totally sucks at it! Muahaha... Awesome stuff to watch, but takes a while. LOL at Lisa's comment on what House is like: "If ER was having a baby with CSI that would start dating the X-Files... then you'd have the show." So true! XD And of course Hugh Laurie is absolutely charming and funny. Too bad there's no Robert Sean Leonard! ;_; Why does he never get interviewed on these things? No fair!

More clips are at, including the one I already mentioned above and then another one where House breaks into a nurse's locker which conveniently happens to be the one Wilson is flirting with at the moment XD. Oh the jealousy! hehehe
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Go here and click the little House logo on the bottom. I haven't quite figured out what makes play what scene. At any rate, at some point you get this conversation between House and Wilson, taking place in Wilson's office. Again, you see all the junk lying around in Wilson's office and they're actually TALKING about it!!! And Wilson admits that he's getting all this junk from his dying cancer kids! AND House trashes it for him! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I'm so glad I wrote until my eyes popped out from a migraine to get that little smut fic out, because now I finally get to be one of those who knew it all the time! *dances*

Also, finally I get to see the other movie poster in Wilson's office! So, he likes Vertigo and Touch of Evil. Why, Jimmy, I think you're a film noir afficionado! I had no idea. Now I love you even more.
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I actually meant to post that yesterday already, but somehow I never got around doing so. It's so weird. Tom's merely been gone for three days and I'm already falling back into my old patterns (which I HATE). Bro comes down way too early and immediately switches on the television which then is blasting all day long, annoying the fuck out of me. And somehow the TV really puts me in some kind of stupor. I don't want to pay attention to it, I don't care, and yet it really distracts me from everything I want to do. So I end up really doing nothing all day long but dicking around online. GAH!

Anyway, this long introduction really was just meant as a lead-up to the House episode on Tuesday. I was really at the edge of my seat for it since the previews had been oh so interesting. I mean, all the aliens stuff and floating kid and what not. Too bad it was all in the kid's head! Haha... guess I should have expected that. Anyway, I really liked that episode. Oh the angst... I mean, at the beginning I was really upset. When did Wilson become Cuddy's BFF? It's like they are connected by the hips, seriously. And then they're totally conspiring against House and Cuddy (I think it was her) even has the cheek to say "I don't want to seem like I'm conspiring"... well guess what, you ARE! Grrrr...

So that evil!Wilson stuff really was getting to me, even though I know he's doing it out of wuuuuv... I mean, all this conspiring and then him actually trying to give House Vicodin after he's been tearing into him for years to reduce his intake? What was that? Guess it's back to being a Wilson apologist. But I was promptly rewarded in the end. That scene was simply heart-breaking IMO. Wilson totally knew he'd screwed up and you could tell he was distraught at House finding out about this. The way he buried his face in his hands and his eyes looked all weepy... and the Icarus reference of course, coupled with John Mayer's "Gravity"... genius. It really tore my heart to shreds. Now I just hope the House writers won't pull their usual thing and completely drop a fact once the story arc has been completed. I really want them to pick up on that again! *wibbles*

Other parts of the episode were awesome as well. Chase's totally lame Yo' Mamma jokes and the *sweatdrop* all around, Cuddy's comment on Cameron... Oh, and yes, I actually thought Cameron was going to do something for a change that I approve of. Usually all her moralistic finger pointing was really getting on my nerves, big time. But this time she was RIGHT. What's with that "let's humble House" thing that obviously wasn't working?? But then of course she didn't grow a spine after all and just dropped the issue. Bleh. Figures.

I never thought I'd say that... but I feel so awful for House now. I've always been against him being painfree and not needing the cane, but now I feel so sorry for him. The disappointment as the pain returns, the helplessness, the utter and total defeat as he takes back the cane... it all brought back painful memories. I really don't know why I wasn't siding with painfree!House. I guess it's because I also have a chronic pain in my right leg and I just... wanted House to be the same. I mean, that's what attracted me to him in the first place, after all. Well that and the snark and the fun and the many House/Wilson moments... hehehe... Anyway, I was just reminded of how it felt when I was painfree for a brief period of time. It is indeed very empowering. You're dancing and jumping and doing crunches and what not... Yes, it definitely rang a bell. I'm glad the cane is back, but I also feel sad for House. He really needs a hug and then Wilson is doing that. Not fair! ;_;

Speaking of Wilson, did you ever notice what kind of junk he has on his desk? LOL... Look!

Er... apparently Photobucket is down for emergency maintenance. Oh wait, I've got the LJ picture thing, too! ... Okay, this is why I never use it. I just can't figure out how to use it... does this work?

Wilson's Desk

I don't remember him having that much junk on it in the last season! Hahaha...
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This has been posted to [ profile] house_wilson and I'm reposting it here to keep it :3.

Medical association
Hugh Laurie as crusty Dr. House and Robert Sean Leonard as his best friend operate well together
Newsday Staff Writer

September 3, 2006

Disdainful doctor Gregory House lives in an old brick Princeton town house at street number 221. His apartment door bears the letter B.

Of course. The famed address of sleuth Sherlock Holmes clues us into what has become a surprisingly key appeal of Fox's top-rated series not involving a national singing contest. "House" enters its third season Tuesday (airing earlier, at 8 p.m., on WNYW/5) as much more than a medical procedural in which acclaimed star Hugh Laurie levels witty dollops of sarcasm while devising shrewd diagnoses of mystifying maladies no one else can fathom.
Rest of the article )

The more I read about the new season, the more nervous I get. I've been reading a lot of spoilers now, but none of them really managed to disparage my fears. spoiler ) Anyway, I'm both nervous and excited about it. This is why getting into a show while it's still on sucks so much! You always have to wait for new episodes and you always have to fear that they're going to screw up everything you loved about it! D: Oh well, guess I gotta wait and see.
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Monster 'House'

TV's edgiest medical show returns for a third season of creepy and compelling medical mysteries -- but even with an Emmy nod and 19 million fans in his bag, don't think Hugh Laurie's brilliant bastard of a doctor is any less cranky

by Benjamin Svetkey

BACK ON CALL Laurie (right) and company return in September for a third season of House

cut for article, reposted for my enjoyment )

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Hehehehe, I made another vid! Dude, I really need to stop vidding and do useful stuff! But I read this idea and just had to do it!

I'm Super! (Thanks for Asking)

It's House/Wilson of course, but in a really silly way. I did a lot of manipulative editing in it. I think it looks pretty good, but the fact that I'm a total n00b probably accounted for the insane amount of time I had to put into creating them. I bet there are tons of supereasy ways to do all this if you just know how to use the software. But if there's one thing I know how to do then it's using software creatively. So I cut the parts I wanted to edit out, then imported them to ImageReady, manipulated them (frame by frame, groooooooan) and then rendered them into a .mov and reinserted them. x_x Lots of work, but looking good, eh? *proud*
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I've finished my first music vid! *excited* It's House/Wilson, of course.

Go check it out and let me know what you think! :3


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