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Oct. 20th, 2007 04:40 pm
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I'm sure most of you have heard about this already (and if you haven't, see here and here) as my flist and the press and everything is buzzing all over the fact that J.K. Rowling said in a recent interview that she already pictured Dumbledore as gay. Much squeeing and huhing and lolling has been done, moving on. Now I just received an anonymous comment to an entry I made in 2001! That alone already is wtf. Smells a lot like copypasta to me and I wonder who else got this. But I thought I reproduce it here so we can all glean some lulz from it:

Anonymous) ( wrote:

Oct. 20th, 2007 04:29 pm (local)
albus dumbledore is gay......ROTFLMAO
Heres a senario for you - Dumbledore admits his perverted affection to Harry Potter - Potter seeing his father like relationship with Dumbledore destroyed kills Dumbledore and then kills himself - there are your two deaths ladys and gentlemen - you got it here first!

Start your lol-gines now!
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All by [ profile] foxhack

This one isn't too bad either:

[ profile] princesskraehe

Or this:

[ profile] frenchroast

And this (unrelated) icon just made me laugh unreasonably loud while granny was snoozing:

[ profile] ladyanneboleyn

Okay, I'll stop throwing vague pop culture references around now and get some actual reading done.


Dec. 21st, 2006 06:32 pm
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The title of the new Harry Potter book is out. In case you're interested...

Just to be sure )

Apparently you can figure it out via J.K. Rowling's website.
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Oldman Will Make Harry Potter Return

Harry Potter producers have confirmed Gary Oldman will reprise his role as Sirius Black in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - despite reports to the contrary. Oldman, who has appeared in the last two movies adapted from JK Rowling's popular children's books, has yet to be signed for a third term - even though filming for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix has already begun. But producer David Heyman insists there is plenty of time for Oldman to sign up: "We're not shooting his part for quite a while, and as is always the case, you begin with the parts that are most pressing. We have every intention of having Gary Oldman play Sirius Black." The 47-year-old is currently shooting Zodiac in Los Angeles with director David Fincher.

Mystery solved. I hope. LOL

And a tidbit on BBM:

Ledger Explains Ennis Choice

Actor Heath Ledger agreed to play the role of Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain because he was keen to express the cowboy's repressed emotions through body language. Director Ang Lee allowed Ledger to choose between the two leading male roles, and Ledger found he could identify with Ennis' struggle. He explains, "I really liked that he had very few words to express his battle. I like representing emotions in the body and in the voice." The actor perfected the character's accent by combining the regional accent of Wyoming and adding "a splash of Texas." He adds, "The accent and the mouth, the clenched fist... he was a clenched person and any form of expression I wanted to be painful, including words and speaking. The words had to fight their way out from within."

Yeah he totally managed to get that one down, IMO. Sometimes Ennis is so repressed, it hurts. While watching I often felt like every muscle of my body was tense when Ennis' scenes came up, because you could just feel the struggle he was going through. Amazing acting there.
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Oldman Axed from Harry Potter Film?

Actor Gary Oldman looks unlikely to reprise his role as Sirius Black in the next Harry Potter offering, after reports he has been mysteriously axed from the wizard franchise. Oldman, who has appeared in the last two movies adapted from JK Rowling's popular children's books, has yet to be signed for a third term - even though filming for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix has already begun. The actor's manager, Douglas Urbanski, tells British newspaper The Sun, "You will be shocked to learn there are no plans for Gary to appear in the film. To say we are puzzled is an understatement at the very least! We are left with no choice but to pursue other employment for him." Vanessa Davis, spokeswoman for production company Warner Brothers, confirms no deal has been reached, but insists there is still time to resolve the confusion. She says, "With any film the priority is confirming the cast who will be on the set from the outset."



Aaaah, thank God! Apparently the rumor has been axed already two days ago and IMDB just is being slow on the uptake again. Thanks to [ profile] eiluned for pointing that out! x_x; God, that would have been HORRible! Just when it had finally been confirmed that the original cast would be reprising the lead roles. I mean, there has been so much talk about how the main cast would be way too old by the time cameras would be rolling for OotP blablabla, so there was always this slight twinge of fear that the producers would totally lose it and recast the main cast. People have been known to do a lot more retarded things than that. Wouldn't it have been terrible now to either somehow, totally inexplicably, write out Sirius or replace Oldman?!? God, I don't even want to imagine it. Of course, there's always the slight possibility that there has been a development lately, but I'm willing to bet my shinies on IMDB just being slow. It has to be! O.O
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Potter hormones in overdrive as he turns 15

HARRY Potter is set to get SMOOCHY in his new book - by falling under the spell of a girl.

Author JK Rowling has revealed the schoolboy wizard’s hormones start "working overtime" as he turns 15.

And that means fans can expect sauciness as well as sorcery at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Rowling, 36, admits "more boy-girl stuff" is inevitable. But she REFUSED to say if Harry’s bossy chum Hermione - played by Helen Watson in the current Potter movie - is the target of his love interest.

Rowling says of Harry and his pals in a BBC1 Omnibus documentary next Friday: "They’re fifteen now - hormones working overtime."

[pic] Romeo ... Harry, alias Daniel Radcliffe

[pic] Pal ... Helen Watson as bossy Hermione

She added: "Harry finds out a lot more about his past, and gets to go to places in the magical world we haven’t yet visited."

Rowling admitted she plans to kill off at least one major character - but refused to say who.

She said: "More people are going to die and there’s at least one death that’s going to be horrible to write."

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix will be the fifth in the series of books that have made Rowling a multi-millionaire.


Not that I'm not dying to read them, but I just dread what's going to happen. Same with the other two Star Wars flicks... *heavy sigh*

*mutters* Like hell Harry and 'Mione are gonna end up together. And I bet you a tenner that the "death that’s going to be horrible to write" is either Sirius or Remus. T_T

And don't ask me what's the deal with all those capitalizations and bold letters.
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Article on Snapefans.

Professor Severus Snape

"Mr. Potter, our new … celebrity."

Messenger owls, flying Snitches, three-headed dogs, moving staircases — all that was secondary to these five words, intoned maliciously by Alan Rickman in the second Harry Potter trailer. The way his voice rises into caustic incredulity on the last three syllables of "celebrity." The way his stringy black hair moves jerkily into his eyes. You could watch it over and over again. All right, I could watch it over and over again. Because I've had a crush on Rickman's character, the invariably-described-as-sinister Potions teacher Severus Snape, ever since he first glared at the boy wizard on page 126 of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

I'm not a lone wacko. There are many other wackos like me. Yahoo Groups alone hosts six Snape discussion groups, the largest of which comprises 398 members. Snape fan sites abound on the Web. But try finding a site devoted to, say, Hogwarts' eccentric elderly headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Not a one. That's because Snape is sexy.

I mean, you didn't think all those Snape fans were really just interested in discussing the curative properties of wormwood, did you? These women (and they are almost all women) rarely venture into the academic aspects of Snape's character. They've got other things on their minds. Like what he wears under those black robes. Whether he would ever permit a lover, in a moment of abandon, to shorten his first name to "Sevvie." Whether it's appropriate to write fan fiction in which he hooks up with 17-year-old students.

Consent laws aside, why would they — or, really, we — be so taken with this guy in the first place? He's not much to look at. Rowling first describes him as "a teacher with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and sallow skin." Later discoveries do little to improve on that; we learn that he also has yellow teeth and an unfortunate habit of spitting when he's angry. And as a teacher, he probably won't garner any Dead Poets Society comparisons. Not only does he take every opportunity to try to get Harry expelled from Hogwarts, he also mercilessly berates the hapless Neville Longbottom and makes a cutting remark about brainy-girl Hermione's oversized teeth. "I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death — if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach," he tells Harry's class on the first day.

But Snape is, well, sinister. He speaks sarcastic putdowns in a tone that Rowling describes as "silky." He's powerful, taking charge after countless crises. He has a mysterious past — he's in his late thirties in Sorcerer's Stone, and no one's really sure what he was up to right before starting at Hogwarts. He's a loner, ever since his own school days when Harry's father's group of friends excluded and mistreated him. And he's honorable, saving Harry's life on more than one occasion. He's brilliant and lonely and complex and no one understands him except me and the other 397 members of "Snapefans."

So we reinterpret or even distort the character. He doesn't have oily hair and a hooked nose — it's really just sort of messy hair and a noble, aquiline nose. After all, the description is probably from Harry's perspective, and an eleven-year-old boy can't be expected to appreciate Snape's unconventional beauty. And the casting of Rickman hasn't done much to discourage Snape-obsessives from seeing their flawed hero as a barely-disguised hunk.

His crotchety, even cruel behavior must be mischaracterized too. He's nasty to the students in Harry's house because of a failed love affair, or a dark secret, or because he wants to convince the students in his own house, Slytherin, that he's on the dark side so he can become a spy later.

The last theory is probably the most convincing, but, not surprisingly, it's the failed-love-affair one that's gotten the most electronic ink. And most often, it's Harry's own mother, Lily, whom Snape fans like to cast in the role of love interest. After all, she's just about the only woman mentioned in the book who definitely went to school with Snape. As you'll find out on any Snape discussion list, we know from a Rowling interview that Lily's birth name was Evans, and "Severus Snape" anagrams to — PERSEUS EVANS! Significant, no? OK, no. But he could have fallen madly in love with her and watched helplessly as she went off and married his nemesis James Potter. It would certainly explain why he hates Harry so much.

Of course, all we know about Lily is that she was very good-looking, sweet and maternal. Not very interesting, really. Could she satisfy a complicated man like Snape? Other theories expanded in fan fiction involving compliant students and Potions assistants don't really do much in the way of explanation either.

But what if a new teacher, maybe a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, shows up one day and catches Snape's eye? She's just been laid off from a journalism job and is doing a little Web writing on the side for an independent magazine. After a little chat over some pumpkin juice, she finds out that Snape is a huge Velvet Underground fan, just like her. Snape's never met anyone quite like this at Hogwarts.

I've got to go write some fan fiction.

Julia Lipman

Comment: I find it amusing how the author refers so some Snape ML with a meager 300-something member count as the largest whereas Snapeslash has over 500! hehehe

Comment 2: Sis! Ann Arbor! The author! o.o
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I just read something on the Harry Potter Forum at that made me very angry. This person said, and I quote: "I'm afraid that if Rowling made one of the characters gay, I would never touch her books again; and it is not because I hate gay people, I just strongly disagree with their lifestyle."

I mean, excuuuuse me! What the hell does this person think? This is what I wrote in reply:
"I promised myself not to say anything about this, but it's been gnawing on me all day and I finally have to say it. I'm trying to make this as calm and collected as possible.

First: I really hate the expression "to disagree with s.o.'s lifestyle". A so-called lifestyle is a person's individual choice and it's not for you or anybody else to judge this. I don't disagree with people's lifestyles either just because they eat meat or go to church every Sunday. It's not my business. If it rocks your world, so be it!

Second: what exactly IS their lifestyle and what makes it eligible for your disapproval? Define "gay lifestyle". I, for one, have a gay lifestyle. I've been together with my girlfriend for 3 years. In that time I've never been with anybody else. I've occasionally given someone the eye, but that's about it. I love her and I intend to spend the rest of my life with her, so God is willing. I'm faithful and responsible regarding my relationship. What makes it inacceptable? I'd really like to know!

Third: To bring it back to Harry Potter, I'm tempted to say that people who have such narrow minds really shouldn't read Harry Potter at all! Don't get me wrong. You're free to say that homosexuality is not your thing. You can say that you hate slash. It's all okay. But when you say that you'd never touch a book of J.K.'s again if she made a character gay, then you're a bigot. Harry Potter is about people who are different and who are excluded from society because of that. It might come as a surprise, but there ARE kids out there who grow up to be gay and they might just find some comfort in reading Harry Potter and finding that other people share their feelings. I'm sure this will never happen though, so you're safe to read as much Harry Potter as you like for all your life!"



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