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It kinda feels a bit like beating a dead horse since everyone I know and everyone on my flist whose opinion I care about shares this opinion with me, probably already has reposted this, but I still liked it, so I'm reposting it too. I do feel that this guy goes on for about 3 mins longer than he should have and the choking up may have been a bit OTT, but in general I commend him for his bravery and his very clear words. I wish people would have taken a moment to consider it like this before they voted YES on Proposition 8.

Again, for me to keep, here's the transcript. There's also the link to the original site.

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
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Lawl wtf

Oct. 20th, 2007 04:40 pm
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I'm sure most of you have heard about this already (and if you haven't, see here and here) as my flist and the press and everything is buzzing all over the fact that J.K. Rowling said in a recent interview that she already pictured Dumbledore as gay. Much squeeing and huhing and lolling has been done, moving on. Now I just received an anonymous comment to an entry I made in 2001! That alone already is wtf. Smells a lot like copypasta to me and I wonder who else got this. But I thought I reproduce it here so we can all glean some lulz from it:

Anonymous) ( wrote:

Oct. 20th, 2007 04:29 pm (local)
albus dumbledore is gay......ROTFLMAO
Heres a senario for you - Dumbledore admits his perverted affection to Harry Potter - Potter seeing his father like relationship with Dumbledore destroyed kills Dumbledore and then kills himself - there are your two deaths ladys and gentlemen - you got it here first!

Start your lol-gines now!
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I thought he was really good in this one, addressing gay rights issues and the like, talking about his commitment to Scott and how he doesn't conform to gay clichées. So I'm reposting it here to keep! :3

Torchwood's John Barrowman
The star of the racy new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood opens up to WHO

Posted Jul. 05, 2007

The star of the racy new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood opens up about the new sci-fi show, signing the civil register with his partner, architect Scott Gill, working with the 'saucy' Rob Lowe and his passion for gay rights.

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Randomly, I think it has come to this... I need a John Barrowman icon... *nods serenely*
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Hyde Pierce Officially Comes Out

Former Frasier star David Hyde Pierce has revealed he is gay, after keeping his sexuality secret for decades. The actor, who played Dr. Niles Crane in the long-running sitcom, has always refused to talk about his personal life, despite rumos about his sexual orientation. But the 48-year-old has allowed his long-term partner Brian Hargrove's name to be mentioned in an interview on In a paragraph carefully buried in the article, the journalist writes, "Pierce got to Los Angeles in the early 1990s when his partner, actor-writer-producer Brian Hargrove, wanted to write for television." Pierce's spokesperson has since confirmed Hargrove is the star's partner.

Show of hands, who didn't think Nigel Crane was gay? *g* Okay okay, I realize it's just a character, but even apart from that I always thought Hyde Pierce has always broadcasted certain gay vibes. There must be a reason why basically all characters he plays or voices come off as slightly gay... I think he needs to play a really butch character some day soon... >.>; Anyway, congratulations to you, David! Well done!

Minor non-sequitur: Again, funny how things work out. I'm reading the IMDB news, right? And before this item I just posted was a note about that commemorative coin for The Rise of the Silver Surfer being illegal or something. I randomly realized that I have no clue who the Silver Surfer plays. So I click the link to the movie. I discover that it's Doug Jones. For those of you who don't know, he's the guy who always plays people in tight costumes *g*. Not what you think. He just seems to be really good with it. He played the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth for example and Abe Sapien in Hellboy. I thought that I have no idea what he looks like and that he must be really skinny or something, so I clicked his link and confirmed that. Very skinny indeed. Btw, by that time I wasn't actually thinking about Hellboy yet. Anyway, as I was clicking through his gallery I suddenly remembered that David Hyde Pierce was doing the voice of Abe Sapien in Hellboy. Haha! Full circle, eh?
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Gay Bond

Daniel Craig will have a male love interest in the next Bond movie. The British actor has attracted a large gay following after sharing an onscreen kiss with another man in his latest movie Infamous, and film bosses are keen to capitalise on this new status. 'Infamous' documents the life of author Truman Capote. In the movie, Craig plays convicted killer Perry Smith who has a relationship with Capote, played by British actor Toby Jones. 'Bond 22' - the follow-up to Craig's debut 007 movie Casino Royale, which is due to be released in November - will now see a homoerotic relationship develop between the suave spy and secret agent Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright. A film insider said: 'Bond will always be a hit with the ladies. But Daniel has a massive gay fan base and that can't be ignored. 'There will still be sexy Bond Girls. But the modern Bond will be more sensitive.' Craig has already been heavily criticised by some Bond fans unhappy at his casting in the role and this latest news seems certain to cause more furore. The 38-year-old star was previously lambasted for wearing a lifejacket on the speedboat journey to his first Bond press conference, his confession that he hates guns, his alleged inability to drive a manual car and for reportedly losing two teeth in his first fight scene.

Somehow... I can't believe it. This is like... too good to be true! This would be the wet dream of my youth coming true! D: Even though I'll have to admit that I'm not completely happy with Felix Leitner being the one.. but beggars can't be choosers I guess, eh? Of course, it's also a bit annoying, because this means that I'll have to go see the new Bond even though I was actually going to boycott it since I disapprove of Daniel Craig as Bond. But if Bond is going to smooch a guy? OMG I'm totally in!


Feb. 9th, 2002 04:02 am
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He could look into Peter's wide, accepting eyes and wonder what Peter saw reflected in his and shape himself as he found the answers. That was what life was going to be: a shaping of himself in the mirror of Peter's eyes.
- Gordon Merrick, The Lord Won't Mind, p. 233

"You're not true. I've measured everything, but there's so much more. You go on and on and on. I'll never get the end of you. I'm going to try, darling. Just give me a lifetime to try."
- Charlie to Peter in Gordon Merrick, The Lord Won't Mind, p. 255
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Honoured Author,
Who art ingenius,
Legal be thy claim.
Thy characters,
Thy situations,
Are yours and assuredly not ours.
Lend us this day your creations,
And forgive us our perversities,
As we shape them to the whims of our own strange muses.
And lead us not into litigation,
As no money have we made here,
For thine is the copyright,
The talent and the legal right,
For ever and ever,
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Right now, I'm reading "The Lord Won't Mind" by Gordon Merrick. Had it sitting on my shelf for forever, never got around reading it. I like it. I mean, I'm not very much convinced about the story and the author tends to have a weird choice of words at times, but it's nicely written and there are a couple of really sweet scenes. What bugs me is the speed with which the story develops. They meet and the same day, just a few hours later, they're already in bed together and vowing everlasting love. Well, I guess that happens, but it always kinda has the taste of improbability.

Last night, I bawled my eyes out over a scene that actually should have annoyed the fuck out of me. But it still made me cry. You see, there're the two main characters, Charlie and Peter. Charlie is an incredibly handsome young man in the NY area of America in the 40s. He's very good at everything he does, is a very good artist, a great actor, wealthy, popular, excellent sportsman. He's got everything. And a loving grandmother to boot who's doing everything to make his life more comfortable. So it happens that she invites a young man over to her house for the summer for Charlie to spend some time with. First, Charlie is disgusted at the idea, because he thinks Peter is way too young for him, being 18 whereas he is 22.

Well, it just so happens that Peter turns out to be 20 (which makes aaaall the difference for Charlie) and is just as handsome. As a matter of fact, he's the spitting image of Charlie. Charlie's immediately interested and tries his best to seduce Peter. And succeeds.

This is how the story sets out and it seems as if it's a lovely lovestory and nothing else. But it soon becomes clear that their love is bound to go terribly wrong, because Charlie absolutely refuses to admit that he might be gay. To him, it's only a phase and he plans to get married sooner or later and then leave his past behind. Peter, on the other hand, is terribly in love with Charlie from the start and vows to be there for him forever.

They even move in together, a Peter turns into the perfect housewife, doing everything to make Charlie's life better. And Charlie is happy, but being the moron he is, he doesn't realize that. He begins pursuing his acting career, another thing he has to do secretly because his grandmother's love is crushing him to the extent that he has to do everything he does in the closet. No wonder he turned out the way he did! Charlie meets a girl and begins seeing her more often, not realizing how much it hurts Peter.

[Do not read on if you don't want to get spoiled. Well, not terribly spoiled, but a good deal of the plot will be revealed. Waffling ensues.]

It really annoyed me how Charlie could be so terribly selfish and blind. It is obvious to the reader and everyone else that Charlie really should be with Peter. Granted, he probably is bisexual since he does like girls, but he likes boys just so much better. Peter, however, is completely gay and he knows it. Every time he tries to develop some sort of gay mannerism, Charlie tells him off, calling him a queen and what have you.

C.B., Charlie's grandmother, is terribly sweet and nice and she just. Creeps. Me. Out. The controls Charlie completely. He's so scared to upset her that he's willing to give up everything. And she knows it. Does she ever know it. She tricks Peter into admitting that he's in love with Charlie which leads to her kicking out Peter and telling Charlie everything about it. Charlie then gets infuriated with Peter, thinking that he jeopardized everything on purpose. Having to choose between C.B.'s support and Peter's love, he glady chooses C.B.

The scene when Peter leaves their appartment just broke my heart. Peter was still so willing to do everything for Charlie, even when his own heart was being crushed to pieces. He first refused to leave but when Charlie began to cry, he agreed on it, always intent on doing what is best for Charlie. I just cried so hard when I should have been really pissed. Especially since Peter has nothing. Nothing at all. He knows he'll be out on the street and Charlie doesn't care. Or so he says.

Charlie immediately runs of to marry that stupid girl, Hattie. Mostly because he's mortally afraid to be alone in the appartment. He really goes right out and has her move in. We don't hear anything from Peter for a while. When we see Peter again, he's a sorta rentboy. He doesn't take money, but lets men pay for him in exchange for sex. He's become quite famous actually. They call him the Growler, because Peter has this thing for growling when he's ready to go to bed with someone. Charlie is shaken to the core, seeing Peter like that. Especially since he's adapted a somehow queer habit, something which always had freaked the hell out of Charlie.

I haven't read further yet, but I'm almost through. I really wonder how the story will end. Knowing Peter, he will rush right back into Charlie's arms as soon as he calls him back. That's so pathetic. I just can't understand a love like that. Peter has absolutely no pride at all. Everything he does is only set out to have some kind of effect on Charlie. Of course, a lot is just show. His being a rentboy. He just does it to numb the pain of being so cruelly kicked away by the one he wanted to stay with forever. And yet... all the while, he never really lets go, always keeps wanting Charlie.

Of course, it somehow touches my heart to see someone love to unconditionally. But it also scares me. Then again... if he could make Charlie understand, if Charlie really was there for him, it could be glorious. But will it ever happen? I don't know...

There are two more books after this one, so I'm sure they'll end up together, but I guess it'll always be a neverending up and down. Both of them are so sexual. Charlie is chronically unfaithful and Peter, deep inside, is a liar. He always says things like "You know you're the only one", "I'm yours forever" and yet he goes right out and acts against it. He does that with one lover who really wanted to there for him. Granted, he might have been that way because it wasn't Charlie, his "true" love, and yet... I don't know. It seemed so terribly insincere.

What I like is the way Peter transforms from a brainless sheep into a sexy fox. Before Charlie left him, he was the perfect housewife, doing everything to please Charlie, taking every shit from him, never complaining. After that, he fully explored his sexuality and became an independent person, self-assured and confident. That was cool. Even though I somehow know he's going to throw it all over board should Charlie show an inkling of interest. T_T

The book is very sexual. Amazingly explicit. It's rather refreshing to read that for a chance... *smiles* But the language becomes kinda dull after a while. Guess that's because it's only meant to indicate what is happening right now and not be beautiful about it.

Well... hope the ending won't annoy me terribly.
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Random idiot: r u really gay?
Me: Uhm yeah...
Random idiot: u mean, u like girlz.
Me: Yeah.
Random idiot: r u bi?
Me: *fumes* No, I'm gay, didn't I just say that?
Random idiot: ur nasta.
Me: ???
Random idiot: I just think its sick that I like the same sex as u.
Me: Well, you're welcome to like guys! XD
Random idiot: this is nasta.
Me: You're a homophobe.
Random idiot: No, Im not I like girlz!!! Im STRAIT!!!!!!


*shoots random idiot*
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Rupert Everett, taking the questionnaire from the audience whether they enjoyed the evening in the Robbie Williams concert live at the Albert Hall:

"Don't you think, Mr Williams looks fucking gorgeous in his tux???"

"Would you, despite the preference of sex you came here with this evening get on all fours and get royally shagged by Mr. Robbie Williams????"


Plus, I got confirmed once more. When Rob and Johnny performed the song live, Rob said to Johnny, "Closer than Johnny to confessing he's gay."

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the defendant:

Exhibit A: He sings showtunes. LOL! Okay, now seriously.

Exhibit B: He has a duet with Rupert Everett, who is - as we all know - gay. The song is called They Can't Take That Away From Me (Track 12), which comes with lines such as:
The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No they can't take that away from me

We may never ever meet again, on that bumpy road to love
Still I'll always, always keep the memory of...

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No they can't take that away from me
No they can't take that away from me
The song, your Honor, was written by Ira Gershwin, btw, who's a known homosexual. That just as a side note. Generally, it can be said that this song is a bit strange to be sung between two males, don't you think?

Additional Exhibit B-2: (just came in thanks to a secret informer) Robbie William's own words about They Can't Take That Away From Me: "It's a great gay ballad."

Exhibit C: The song Me and my Shadow, track 14 on the CD. Performed together with Robbie's roomy and favorite rumored-to-be-lover, Jonathan Wilkes (see previous post). The whole song shows a certain level of familiarity, but what really makes one think is the anecdote in the booklet which goes along the lines of "You should hear them both perform it together under the shower".

Do I need to say more? Anyway...

Exhibit D: One line in the song Me and my Shadow: "We're as close as Ricky [Martin] to confessing he's gay." Uhm, yeah...

Exhibit E: Same song, comments thrown in near the end by "Rob" and "Johnny":

Johnny: "Can we do that again?"
Rob: "No, I'm too tired."
"Oh please, Rob!"
"No, I'm swung out!"
"Oh come on! I'll give you some money!"
"I don't need money."
"How about a cup of tea?"
"Not thirsty. Besides... I won't tell anybody you're gay!"
"Oh fuck off!" *burst of laughter*

Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, I rest my case.

Thank you.
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Leonardo: I want to offer you a job, working here... for me. I want you lock, stock and barrel.
Randal: Is this some sort of gay thing?
Leornard: No!
Randal: You suuuuuure?
Leonardo: *beat* ... Yeeeees....


Jay: You guys remember that?
Dante: Yes! You just did it!
Jay: Huh yeah. Deja friggin' vue!


Dante: Randal, how would you like if we talk about your love life?
Randal: You always have to bring this up?
Dante: You ordered an Asian mail-order bride!
Jay: He did?!?
Dante: Well, it turns out Randal filled out the form wrong. Instead of ordering the mail-order bride---
Randal I got a mail-order husband...
Jay: Eeeew! You were married to a dude??
Randal: Actually, it wasn't so bad...


Randal: Which is why we almost become priest, remember?
Cardinal: Do you, Novitiates Hicks and Graves, before God and His church, now voluntarily take the solemn vows of obedience, poverty and chastity.
Randal and Dante: We do!
Cardinal: Then by the power invested to me by the state of New Jersey I now pronounce you man and wife.
Randal and Dante: What?!?
[end flashback]
Randal: I can't believe I married two guys in one year!


Dante: It's official: God is mocking us.

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I just read something on the Harry Potter Forum at that made me very angry. This person said, and I quote: "I'm afraid that if Rowling made one of the characters gay, I would never touch her books again; and it is not because I hate gay people, I just strongly disagree with their lifestyle."

I mean, excuuuuse me! What the hell does this person think? This is what I wrote in reply:
"I promised myself not to say anything about this, but it's been gnawing on me all day and I finally have to say it. I'm trying to make this as calm and collected as possible.

First: I really hate the expression "to disagree with s.o.'s lifestyle". A so-called lifestyle is a person's individual choice and it's not for you or anybody else to judge this. I don't disagree with people's lifestyles either just because they eat meat or go to church every Sunday. It's not my business. If it rocks your world, so be it!

Second: what exactly IS their lifestyle and what makes it eligible for your disapproval? Define "gay lifestyle". I, for one, have a gay lifestyle. I've been together with my girlfriend for 3 years. In that time I've never been with anybody else. I've occasionally given someone the eye, but that's about it. I love her and I intend to spend the rest of my life with her, so God is willing. I'm faithful and responsible regarding my relationship. What makes it inacceptable? I'd really like to know!

Third: To bring it back to Harry Potter, I'm tempted to say that people who have such narrow minds really shouldn't read Harry Potter at all! Don't get me wrong. You're free to say that homosexuality is not your thing. You can say that you hate slash. It's all okay. But when you say that you'd never touch a book of J.K.'s again if she made a character gay, then you're a bigot. Harry Potter is about people who are different and who are excluded from society because of that. It might come as a surprise, but there ARE kids out there who grow up to be gay and they might just find some comfort in reading Harry Potter and finding that other people share their feelings. I'm sure this will never happen though, so you're safe to read as much Harry Potter as you like for all your life!"

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Oookay. I wanted to talk about that very nice book I found in the library this Friday. More details later, just read this first:

I came across this particular dialogie. It's from the movie Spartacus. It's the older man, Crassius, taking a bath and his young slave, Antoninus attending him. They are having this conversation. Now tell me what it is about!

Crassius: Do you eat oysters?
Antoninus: Yes.
Crassius: Snails?
Antoninus: No.
Crassius: Do you consider the eating of oysters to be moral and the eating of snails to be immoral?
Antoninus: No, master.
Crassius: And taste is not the same as appetite and therefore not a question of morals, is it?
Antoninus: It could be argued so, master.
Crassius: Um, that'll do. My robe, Antoninus. Ah, my taste... it includes both oysters and snails.


Got it??? I think this is brilliant! They are obviously not talking about food, are they? They are talking about taste in men or women! And it's ingenious! This dialogue was later cut out from the final version. For obvious reasons. But, IMO, this would have given the film a whole new twist and much more meaning. Like why Antoninus left his master so rushedly to join the other slaves. Too bad they canned it.. :-(

I just would like to state that my taste, it includes both oysters and snails as well, but... I enjoy slurping oysters sooo much more! *snerk*

The book I got this from is called The Celluloid Closet - Homosexuality in the Movies by Vito Russo. I found this in the Queer Studies corner on the American lit library. Way cool book. I adored it endlessly. I can only recommend this to everyone. Unfortunately it ends 1989, since it's old, but hey, it's wonderful. Taught be things I never even guessed before.

I still can't calm down that I didn't get the obvious reference in A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Willliams. Or maybe I did, and I just forgot it. And I was so proud that I got the reference in The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, LOL. I mean, now thinking about it, it's really sorta obvious what it was that Blanche caught her hubby doing. I remember it so well from the theater, when she runs out of the house and yells "You make me sick! You make me sick!!!!" How could I have missed that? Of course she found her husband with another man. And he killed himself over the shame... how sad. But Williams always did such great stuff.

And then in Tin Roof, Brick and... what's his name, Skipper? Now, when you think about it, it's sorta clear that Brick is gay, was in love with Skipper, who's now dead, hates Maggie for being a woman and for trying to entice Skip away from his side. It's obvious. He doesn't want to sleep with Maggie and explodes at the mere mention of Skip's name. And Maggie accuses him of it, too! She says "I hated Skipper, because you loved him so much!" And we're not talking about friendship here. She clearly says that she slept with Skipper to show him that his love is unnatural and that he has to change. Always the same construction. So tragic...

When you think of it, this is the same pattern as in the most famous love triangle, the Shakespeare Sonnets. Maggie is the Dark Lady (and what a dark lady...), Brick is the poet, aging, alcoholic and bitter. And Skipper is the young, golden-haired man. Pretty and fickle, letting himself being seduced by the Dark Lady. Classical triangulation of desire! Woohoo! *_* Now I'm feeling so smart for having realized that! *g*


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