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I had a really weird dream this morning. At least I think it was... at any rate, it was morning, half an hour before my alarm would have gone off, when I woke up. I dreamt that I was lining up at some cafeteria. Not one I recognized. I had a piece of meat on my plate (wtf?) and some lady piled some onion bread pudding on top of it which I really wanted, so I asked to get a bit more of that. The lady then gave me a tiny amount more and said that now I'll have to pay 12.50 EUR for it instead of 11.95 EUR (omgwtf expensive!).

As I was lining up at the register I started thinking about that and it was really annoying me. So I told the lady at the register that I don't see why I should pay more for something so cheap, plus, I didn't even want the meat AND it was a really tiny piece, too. The lady then walked off and I was left there to wait for a long time. Another came up to me, picked up a piece of the bread pudding, moulded it in her hands and stuck it in her pocket (o___o). Dad came up to me and asked what was up. I told him about my complaint and he agreed. The waiting continued.

Then suddenly two guys walked up to me. They looked like army guys. And they arrested me!!!!!! I remember waking up right after that and I was SO annoyed. I was like, who the hell do they think they are?!? I have a valid complaint and instead of dealing with it they're having me arrested! Oh, and for some reason everyone was talking French. As I was being dragged off I yelled to everyone in French "Don't ever eat here again! If you complain they'll arrest you!!!" and I think I was arguing with the police officer that I didn't do anything wrong and they've got no right to arrest me.

That was just so weird. Like... a nightmare that wasn't so much scary as annoying! I couldn't go back to sleep afterwards because I was so upset, just wanting to smash those morons' faces in! hahaha...
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Last night I had a freaky dream... again. I dreamt there were huge lizards all over the house. They looked like these diving lizards that live on the Galapagos islands... mariguanas or so. But they had teeth... huge large teeth that looked like when people let their fingernails grow bizarrely long and they start to curl. They wouldn't have been able to close their mouths with them, but they did. I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and suddenly one of these lizards appeared at the door, crawling across the wall. It tried to attack me and I dodged it. I ran into my bedroom and just sat on the bed. There was another lizard and it tried to bite me and somehow I knew that these lizard bites are poisonous. It just went on and on, I kept running away from the lizards and they tried to bite me until in the end I only curled up in my bed, hiding from the world...

Very bizarre.
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Last night I had a really odd dream. I still remember it in detail. I dreamt I was working at Legoland. or... kinda. It felt like Legoland, but it wasn't really. It was like a MEGA themepark, but the people working there were more like slaves than anything else. I was one of them. I had to work in this huge tower, like Sears Tower or so, but a lot taller, red, with a glassy top.

The ride was kinda like a rocket going up inside the tower. You either had to work up at the top or waaaaaaay at the bottom, near the jet engine. I was there. It was very strange. Every time the rocket launched there was a spray of fire hitting us and I was worried about my clothes to get burn marks and all. I was wearing my new coat, but it was white instead of brown. And as soon as I started worrying about my clothes I was suddenly wearing their uniform and they let me sit in some chair where I could supervise the launch and wasn't hit by the sprays so much.

Then the shift was over and everybody had to walk up the tower, which was a lot of steps and very strenuous. I was too lazy to go up there and I couldn't afford the elevator where you had to feed gold coins into it. So I was cheap and used some sort of trash trap where you could pedal and the cabin moved up. I rode up and I already saw the glass top and as I was almost up there the cabin didn't stop and moved further up and suddenly a window opened and I was pushed outside. I slid down the glass top and tried to get a grip. It was so high and I was hanging on there for my dear life. And all around the glass top people looked at me, but they said it was too much of a hassle to save me and they'd wait till I fell... T_T

This dream was just very weird... O.o I woke up with a start, thinking WTF????
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It's so crazy. I have the strangest dreams, every night... I no longer bother to write them down or mention them since they're just too weird. The night before last night I dreamt I was having sex with Frodo in a mountain hut and then mobsters broke into the hut and beat up my cat! O.o And last night I was part of some exploration group. It was all in the past, like... early 1900 or so. I shared a room with a guy who wrote comics (it was the comedian I had seen on TV the night before) and we shared a bed, but there was another woman who kept crawling in our bed. And at some point we had to leave in panic. Somebody followed us, but I can't remember who...

And then after I woke up I had one of my ever so popular carnage dreams... It was two goths taking apart a fresh dead body... in a really disgusting way. And the female goth kept leaning down, putting her face in the tub where the corpse was lying in, drinking the blood greedily. And then the male goth shot the corpse in the head and then threw around the stuff. And then the male goth started throwing up the blood he had consumed before... T_T It was really disgusting....

*sighs* I don't know if I should be happy or bothered that I remember my dreams all the time...
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I'm just so freaked out. Ever since I got up I want to talk to someone about it, but everbody's either not online or doesn't respond to my IMs... ó_ò


Okay, so how was it... It was some sort of game. And it took place in my grandparents' house. But... not really. It looked a bit like it, at least how it used to look before I changed it, but a lot bigger and the terrace wasn't ground level but high about the ground, on top of many roofs. So, it suggests that it was on top of time tall building... Anyway, it was a weird game. It didn't totally work out. Most of the time, people were supposed to wait for the food, but they didn't. Everyone was just having a great time. My family was there too. At least... up to a certain point. I thought I was there too. Or... I thought I was. Lots of guests were there. A nice young man too, with wavy middle-length hair, wearing a grey suit. We were kinda flirting. The evening got late, people got drunk and I started making out with the guy. It was clear that as soon as we'd find some time by ourselves we'd have sex.

Then it was morning. A very nice morning, with golden sunlight on the wooden floor and all that. Very nice. I was walking around and it was so quiet suddenly, but it didn't strike me as strange then. Some girl who was at the party too came along. She was wearing some sort of combat suit. When she left, the camera sorta panned away from inside of me and I saw myself for the first time. Much to my surprise I was a tall blonde woman with a gorgeous body.

I turned around and slipped. Or... the woman rather. It wasn't me anymore. She fell and there was a cracking sound and she began screaming and screaming and screaming. The camera moved further back and she was lying in a pool of blood. Had she broken her hip? The camera moved further back, rapidly now and there was the young guy, leaning against something. He looked strange... the camera moved backwards and suddenly it was clear that his left arm was chopped off and all of his lower body half was missing. He was propped up against a bathtub. As the camera moved along it revealed his missing body parts to be put on a string and hanging down some sort of clotheline, dripping blood on the floor. The woman was still screaming her head off.

Then, cut to some other guy who had been a guest too. He was wearing a combat suit as well and had long dark curly hair. He was breathing heavily. Suddenly, a hand yanked his chin up and it was clear that his throat had been cut. The guy with the bald head and the beard was standing behind him, holding a knife, giggling terribly. He slit the man's throat once more, watching his struggle while laughing like a madman.

Then he left, holding a machete in his hand, looking for more victims. A big black guy came along and immediately started struggling with the killer. The camera moved away and there was just this gurgling noise and a thud. Then the killer walked through the picture, splattered with blood. An Asian woman wearing a combat suit as well came running towards him. All the time, the woman kept screaming and it was clear that soon he'd hear her and come to her too...


I'm scared...
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I forgot most of the dream, but I remember that I was standing in the kitchen and my cat waltzed in, meowing around, like he usually does. And then he suddenly began to talk! Or at least, his meow sounded like talking! He said "colifiore" which I didn't understand. I asked my dad what it means and he said "Cauliflower in Italian". o.o

What a weird dream. The funny thing is that I have no idea what cauliflower means in Italian! I just looked it up! It's "cavolfiore" o.o. I'm not even sure if he really said "coli" or "cavol".... hmmm....

Strange dream...


Jan. 9th, 2002 12:28 pm
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Feeling a little better today, but my head's a bitch and my arm's starting to hurt again, too. *heavy sigh*

My cat kicked me out of bed today. He wanted to be fed. I had a killer headache, so I was trying to ignore him, but he knocked down the door and sat on my chest, staring at me until I got up an fed him.


The thing that annoys me is that he interrupted a dream that was VERY interesting. Well, at first it was weird because I was at some dentist and he rubbed some ointment on my gums to make them numb, but then proceeded to cut around on my feet and remove some piece of skin that he called "bacon" o.o. Then, my Psion fell to the ground and was shattered to pices. Strangely enough, I didn't care much and I got into the car and there was my old childhood friend Nicole on the passenger's seat and on the backseat was my first boyfriend's mother Rosie. o_O

Okay, if you couldn't tell, this was the weird part of the dream. Now comes the interesting bit. I drove off and suddenly I was in a forest and there was Boromir in front of me, he was fighting and get wounded and then there was his brother. And Legolas came running down the hill, sweeping Boromir into his arms, holding him. Then, Rosie touched my shoulder and said "I'm going to tell you something important about Boromir..."

And that's when Sherlock woke me up. ARGH!!!! >_<

Ah well, guess this can be put into the category "Last night I had the strangest dreams, take 9..." *adds to memories*

Gonna draw my Jonas pic now.

Oh, and I'm annoyed with the stupid Internet Explorer. For some reason it decided from now on to open in a "not-quite-maximized-but-almost" size. That way, I always managed to close any other program when trying to close the window, since I move the cursor into the upper right corner and click and then the "not-quite-maximized-but-almost" window stays, but my other application closes! ARGH! And when I open new windows, they open in the same size! >_< I've fucking tried everything! Resize them, close and open IE, looked around in the properties... All to no avail. And now I've crashed it even.

Ack, fuck it all. And Sherlock is yelling again. What is WRONG with that animal???
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Last night must have been one of the strangest nights in a long long time... *sighs*

At midnight, I said good night to Fleur and then proceeded with getting bored quietly.
At 1 AM, I was watching stupid sit-coms, gathering dust.
At 2 AM, I thought about going to bed.
At 2:13, I had a brilliant idea for a picture and started sketching.
At 2:47, I wanted to color it with my tablet, but couldn't find my stylus.
At 3:04, I did go to bed after all.
At 3:34, my mom came into my room, all panicky because my brother still hadn't returned and outside was a goddamn blizzard.
At 3:47, I was kinda nervous, too, already picturing him lying dead somewhere along the road while my mom was roaming through the house restlessly.
At 3:52, Sherlock realized something was wrong and decided to go crazy.
At 4:02, I convinced my mom to call my bro's friend's house to see when he left. We learnt (from a sleepy father) that he just left.
At 4:08, I was back in bed, freezing my ass off and waiting for my bro.
At 4:14, there was an earth-shattering noise which later turned out to be a box of bricks that Sherlock had found on the attic and thrown down.
At 4:23, my mom woke me from my tentative snooze to tell my bro's car had pulled up in the drive way.
At 4:25, my bro finally came home.
At 4:28, my mom was yelling at my bro how nervous he had made her.
At 4:41, Sherlock decided to pay me a visit.
At 4:41 and 15 seconds, I kicked him out again.
At 5:00, I was still lying awake in my bed, laughing my ass off.
and then...
At 9:04, Sherlock started a second assault and finally made me get up.

Ergo... I'm bushed... gah.
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Okay, now THAT was weird... I dreamt that I was going to a waterpark with a bunch of centaurs and cat people! o_O The daddy was a centaur, much like the one I painted, Ronan. And then there were two brothers who were cat people. And two sisters, and strangely enough they were both one centaur, like two torso's on one horse-body. Very weird...

Before I got ready I wanted to take a bath (LOL) and I got undressed. I wore a weird white dress that was all wet and stuck to my body and it wouldn't come off. While I was struggling, the two cat brothers came into the bathroom. I yelled at them to get out at once!

In the meantime, the centaur dad was checking the ebay auction, because they were auctioning off a cat that had been left behind by our deceased granny, but only as a decoy to reveal a fraud. Don't ask me how and why! LOL I had placed a $20 bid on the cat, but was overbid by some strange leather guy who was the leader of some gay gothic group and he sent me a picture of him along with his address so I could send the cat! I remember looking at the picture of the guy who was very masculine and hairy and I thought that Nico sure would love this picture! hahaha.

Oh, and that pic was like a flash application, I could zoom in on it endlessly. He was kinda coming down the stairs and I zoomed in on the face and when I zoomed out again, he had walked down the stairs and his pants were gone! *dies laughing* Oh my God, it's all coming back now!

That letter of the guy arrived just before I went into the bathroom. It was delievered to the broom closet opposite of the bathroom, nonetheless.

We then went to the waterpark which didn't look like one at ALL, but rather like some ravine and a forest. The two centaur sisters got into a fight with me and the one sister at the rear was starting to get really nasty and ugly and wanted to split!

That's when I woke up. Now THAT I call a strange dream... T_T
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I dreamt about Alex last night. I told her all the things I wanted to tell her and she told me all there was to say. Like, she was dating a black girl now! o_O Weird idea. And that she had another girlfriend before that. So, I kinda missed two girlfriends. And about her job and all that. We talked about everything...

Sometimes I think I am a bad friend. Maybe I don't give people enough support. I sometimes think that. Like... when she wanted to go to Japan. I wasn't supportive. I told her that she'd never make it (well, not like that, but indirectly). And I really thought that. I tend to give my own insecurities over to my friends... that's bad.

Like, I don't rate my own stuff very highly. It's always not as good as others, to me, because... well, it's mine. I see the chances to ever have someone acknowledge what I do equal zero. It just seems... weird. Why should something that *I* have done ever be published? Doesn't make sense. Besides, I'm rational, I know how marginal the chances are, yadda-yadda. That's me.

Now, I tend to give that feeling to my friends, I believe. That's not good. Like, my girlfriend's comic. God, she's good. She really is. But... not good enough. I'm saying that completely objective now. It's just not publishing material yet. She's getting there, but she's not quite there yet. She has a way too unprofessional working style for that. I just can't see anyone wanted to publish it the way it is now, with bad lettering and obviously badly drawn panel borders etc.

Plus, she wants to do manga. Now, how likely is that? She could never compete with the Japanese market. She can't even speak Japanese enough to make it completely in Japanese, nor does she master comic tones or anything. She doesn't draw the panels right to left either, for that matter.

So, all that tells me that there's no chance in hell this is ever going to be published. And she's killing herself over it! I try to be supportive, but deep inside I don't think this'll ever lead anywhere. I mean, I know everyone has started somewhere. I bet the greatest mangaka have started like that. But that's all it is yet. A start. And... that's what it is to me.

But maybe I should be more supportive? Believe that it'll always have the best results? I wonder if I can do that...

I should have the same belief in my own stuff. Like, I wouldn't dare to publish any of my comics, just because they don't meet my own standards. I have drawn comics all my life. I've always wanted to be a comic artist, as long as I can think. But yet I've never pursued it. I've always seen people who are so much better than me, so why even bother trying? But then again I see people who just go for it, throw out their stuff, even though some drawings are screwed and the perspective weird here and there. And it's still great! Because it's unique and the idea is right.

I wish I had that confidence...
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I need to go a bit further back for that. Yesterday, I don't know why, I suddenly felt the urge to see if I could find any info about my dear friend Alex-kun whom I still miss so much. I entered the name of her anime club into Google and low and behold, I actually got a hit. A domain even. Reluctantly, I went to look at it, my heart aching the more I read through the pages. And then I saw her picture and my heart gave a sharp pang. How I missed her... I'm so sad.

And last night I had a weird, weird dream. I dreamt that I read on her page that she had died and it was so terrible! I cried and shook, saying this can't be true. I never got to talk to her again! It's all my fault! I woke up, tears in my eyes.

God, I miss her so much...
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Last night I dreamt that I received an IM on Napster by Fred Durst! o_O It had an exe-file attached to it and since I'm very careful with opening those, I wanted to run a virus check on it first. But my bro told me to open it right away. I did, my screen went black and suddenly my hard drive started working, deleting all my files. I panicked, but my bro just said "Oops" and walked away. Terrible!!! I woke up screaming!
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Had some fun with kat today, right, kat? That was so much fun! You just gotta love Treize! I wish my lover would do such a thing for me... *happy sigh* And Zechs has no clue yet! ^_^ Gotta wake the baby soon, hm? *smiles*

*HUGE YAWN* I'm prematurely tired. Well, that's okay I guess. I slept like... 4 or 5 hours last night. Had a terrible nightmare, too. I dreamt that my parents received a school report from the university and I had Cs in all subjects! That was so terrible, I just wanted to die! ´_`::

My bro managed to get the PC upstairs infected with some backdoor virus! Holy Peter! Apparently it's been around for a while and when he installed a virus check and it deleted the virus, the whole system broke down because all exe-files were connected to it. Spooky. I was so afraid for my paintings and the MP3s I had downloaded so painstakingly. But he fixed it. I knew we let him study computer science for a reason! hehehe

Gonna reread the chatlogs of the RPG now and then I'll hit the sack! *snores*
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I've had weird dreams again! I dreamt that our house was haunted, but it didn't look like our house at all! The ghosts would suddenly move doors and so on and it was deadly dangerous to come in physical contact with with ghosts. I was sitting on the roof one evening (!!!) when I noticed this green-blueish vortex in the garden. I went to the edge of the roof and looked when suddenly a tentacle lashed out of the vortex and grabbed my feet. I was pulled into the vortex. Inside, I realized that my bro was in there already, too. We were spit out of the vortext again and covered with green-blue gooey stuff all over. But we could shrug it off. Our bodies were now made of this material and it obeyed our thoughts, we could take on every form we wanted to, even change our clothes and everything!

Too weird... I forget the rest, but I know we were flying through the sky and did whatever we pleased! hahahah

As I said... strangest dreams.


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