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Man, I'm dead.

Yesterday it was really late. Or early? Since I stayed up to watch the Oscars. I finally got to bed at 6:30. That was kinda weird. I really hate going to bed at such weird times. Okay, not the first time I did it, but still. I'm just glad the Oscars are in the winter so at least it's still dark when I go to bed. Otherwise it'd really depress me. The weirdest part was when dad got up to go to work and we were still watching! D:

I don't know, every time I go to bed really late my heart starts beating in my chest like crazy. I get that when I'm insomniac too. And when I was just about to switch off the light my hands were shaking like crazy! Things like that make me wonder how it's even possible for a character to not sleep. I think even if Jack doesn't NEED sleep he still will need to lie down regularily or else his body gives in. Then again, he's different either way... But still.

Anyway, feeling totally groggy now. I think I fell asleep around 6:45 or so... woke up for the first time around 12:00. I wanted to get up then but I still felt shakey so I snoozed some more and then I woke up next at 13:00. Still feeling shakey. I think I'm too old for this... heh.

I'm pleased with the Oscars overall. I was especially surprised that The Life of Others won! I would have sworn everything, really. I was really shocked when they announced it, but then I was happy for them. I was surprised at the guy's English. The one who accepted it. He had a very good accent. That's good for the German image LOL. Ennio Morricone accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award in Italian and Clint Eastwood translated along. But nothing special there. All in all it was kinda unemotional, I'm sad to say.

Ellen DeGeneres did a good job with hosting, even though she didn't really show that often. And there always were these shadow guys in between parts. NO clue how they did that, but they did some aerobics behind a screen, like rolling around and stuff and then they SOMEhow managed to form an image. And it really was shockingly real all the time! It didn't look like some guys doing a bird or a dog or whatever, it really freaking looked like what they were trying to make with not the slightest hint of people forming it. Like they formed the Oscar statue or the Snakes on a Plane logo. Amazing.

I'm extremely and especially pleased that Martin Scorsese finally took home Best Director. I think he's a cinematical genius and to think he's never gotten an Oscar yet after so many years and so many brilliant movies seemed like an outrage. And it was awesome when they were reading out all the nominees and the audience was cheering and howling when they read out Martin's name. You could tell that everyone in the room wanted Martin to win and then he did and hell broke loose. But he was surprisingly calm and level-headed then. That was a bit disappointing. But I suppose he's prepared for this moment all his life.

I kinda knew Forest Whitaker would win Best Actor, but I felt so said for Peter O'Toole. He already looked so frail and old and you could really tell that his heart broke a little bit again when he lost his probably last shot at the Oscar again... that was kinda said and emotional. To me, anyway. Whitaker's speech was a little oddball then. He was mumbling a lot at first and then he did this huge, totally unspontaeous inspirational talk, thanking God and his ancestors and what not. Very weirded out O.o.

I'm also happy that Pan's Labyrith took home all the artsy Oscars it had been nominated for, Make-up, Art Direction and Cinematography. Well deserved, if you ask me. All in all it was all rather well balanced and all of the big hopes got a nod one way or the other. The only real loser I think was Babel. Did they even take one home? Or yes, Best Original Score. But out of 6 or 7 very prestigious nominations that was a bit of a lame win. But that's okay, I guess.

What else... Oh yeah, Hollywood suddenly seems to be BFF with Al Gore! Everyone was thanking him and praising him and treating him like their mentor and Messiah. Leo DiCap was all over him and all sorts of people thanked him for his inspiration and his committment to informing us about global warming blablabla etc. There was also a lot of poking fun and edging on for him to announce his run for presidency, but that never happened, thank God. The Oscars were really green this year! :O

All in all, the only surprise was Best Actor in a Supporting Role, just because I really had no clue about Little Miss Sunshine and who the guy was. LOL. And I was a little bit disappointed that Cars didn't win Best Animated Feature, but then again, I haven't seen Happy Feet or Monster House, but I just loved Cars so much. But it's okay, I guess. I also would have liked Borat to win Best Adapted Screenplay, just for the fun of it, but I prefered The Departed of course. I was very successful with my prognosis this year, too. I think I only got 3 or 4 wrong of the ones I was actively guessing on. Yay! Hehehe.
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ZOMG nominations are out!!!!! *scans list quick* Okay, no big surprises here yet. But they're not done yet. Somehow it's the usual suspects. I'm mightily pleased that Peter O'Toole got a nomination for Best Actor. Wouldn't that be ironic of he got it, now that he grudgingly accepted the Life-Time Achievement?? Hahaha... not that I think he will, TBH, but still! Also two black actors nominated for Best Actor at the same time! And Martin Scorcese just HAS to take the golden man home this time. This is starting turning into a farce, I say! D:

Germany, Denmark, Algeria, Mexico and Canada took Best Foreign Language. THANK YOU! If it had been Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood all over again I'd be really pissed, I tell you.

Dreamgirls twice for Original song. That's rare, if not a first! O.o

PoTC taking away a couple of the "artsy" nomination. We'll see about that.

Borat also got one for Best Writing based on previously published. Good... good... we'll see about the hype there, especially since the contestants are very strong, The Departed and Children of Men... This could be Shakespeare in Love all over, haha.

Cars, Monster House and Happy Feet Best Animated Feature. Hmmm... I'm for Cars, kinda. Happy Feet mixed in too much real life footage and Monster House looked really dumb. JMHO.

Don't know any of the shorts, life-action or animated, and documentaries again, as always.

All in all this is going to be a sad Oscar year for me, because I've only seen a deplorably tiny number of the movies involved! *sigh*

Okay gotta run.
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Are the nominations out yet??? *spazzes*
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Well shit I totally forgot the Golden Globes are on tonight. Now I'm tired and depressed and don't really feel like sitting through it for hours. Meh. At least I got to see Hugh on the red carpet. That's something, too.

WTF was that with the opening "ceremony" though? There basically was... none O.o. The set opens, Clooney walks out and says "Let's get this party started. I'm here to present..." I mean yeah, the GG have always been kinda barren, but this is depressing! And the categories are always so jumbled.

Man, this sucks. I alway like watching the GG because they're a lot more diverse and varied than the Oscars and I always discover lots of TV movies I never heard about :(. But I really can't... I could record this of course but I just know I'm never going to watch it. *sighs*

Cutting since this is getting kinda long... )


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