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Today while I was dicking around instead of reading texts for my thesis, my eyes brushed past this book I managed to obtain several years back, written by the mayor of Munich. He's a very witty and funny man and he's also an avid cat owner and wrote quite a few humorous stories on the subject. I found this one particularly amusing, so I've translated it for your enjoyment!

I'm not that good with official politician talk, so if you notice anything that could be improved, lemme know!

Cats in the Bed

by Christian Ude
translated by [ profile] silversolitaire

When I was encouraged to seriously consider a career in politics, I timidly asked myself whether I'd be assertive enough to be up to the task. After all, day after day I wake up doubting my own assertiveness as it is the same thing every morning: the cats are lounging at the foot of my bed once again despite the fact that I've strictly forbidden them to do so.

How was I supposed to assert myself against powerful political adversaries, the perils of administration and the opposition amongst my own people when I'm not even able to manage it with my own cats?

I found comfort in observing my future colleagues: it isn't really that important to actually achieve anything, you just have to find impressive words for failing to do so!

Ever since, the cats at the foot of my bed aren't a problem anymore. As a local politician, I simply announce:

"I have issued a strict order to ban all cats from entering the bed and lounging at the foot of it on pain of civil penalties. The resolution position couldn't be any better. Unfortunately we're facing minor completion deficits which aren't likely to be resolved any time soon considering the current staff situation."

As a politician involved in energy policy I can even score big time with cats in the bed:

"Our course is clear: cats out of the bed. We want an exit of cats, without ifs and buts – but not right away! We need a short-, intermediate- and long-term exit strategy. For the short term, the cats will remain in the bed, for the intermediate term, we're not really sure yet, but for the long term, we'll switch to guinea pigs."

Famous politicians have taught me how your entire party can benefit from cats in the bed:

"My cats and I, we have managed to converge through patience and perseverance to prove ourselves as good neighbors internally as well as to the outside. We have reached a feasible and neighborly arrangement regarding the usage of the foot of the bed, and I rush to add: that we have opposing interpretations in regards to this arrangement is exactly what makes our democracy such a great and vivid process!"

Lastly, I have learnt a thing or two from our government about how you can cover up your own neglects in coping with problems, especially regarding the placement of unpleasant guests and how you can turn it into a constitutional debate:

"Well, look at that! How cat-degrading the housing arrangement for these two is and how much of a hassle they are for us as well! It can't go on like this! Ladies and gentlemen, THE BED IS FULL! Obviously we must consider a new amendment!"
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Famous photos, reenacted by Lego minifigs.

And this:

It makes me laugh tears, seriously. Animal/Beaker = OTP, seriously!
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I gots me a new mood theme! :D (not sure if that shows okay?) I kinda skipped on the Torchwood one since I was lazy and everyone and their dog had one anyway. Then I was flirting with making myself a Nuke mood theme and just in time [ profile] mystictwilight came in and made one! But I didn't let that put a damper on my excitement and since she said it was okay with her, I went ahead and made my own! ^^

Isn't it pretteh! So much boy angst!
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Found this this weekend and in the light of my Master's thesis this seems rather relevant. And oh so true! XD

What academics really mean:
  • It has long been known (I haven't bothered to look up the reference)

  • A trend is evident (These data are practically worthless)

  • Typical results are shown (this is the prettiest graph)

  • In my experience (once)

  • In case after case (twice)

  • In a series of cases (thrice)

  • It is believed that (I think)

  • It is generally believed that (a couple of others think so too)

  • It is not unreasonable to assume (If you believe this, you'll believe anything)

  • Correct within an order of magnitude (wrong)

  • According to statistical analysis (it is rumored)

  • Of great theoretical importance (I find it kind of interesting)

  • Of great practical importance (I can get some mileage out of it)

  • Typical results are shown (The best results are shown)

  • Three of the samples were chosen for this study (the other samples didn't make any sense)

  • It has not been possible to provide definitive answers (The experiment was negative, but at least I can publish the data somewhere)

  • It might be argued that... (I have such a good answer for this objection that I shall now raise it)

  • I thank X for assistance with the experiments and Y for useful discussions on the interpretation of the data. (X did the experiment and Y explained it to me.)

  • It is significant (I'm not sure how, but you can probably figure it out)

  • Mainstream scholars believe (I'm ignoring everyone I disagree with)

  • To put this statement in context (Let me spend five pages detailing my irrelevant historical research)

  • Beyond the scope of this essay/study (I don't feel like talking about it)

  • Only tangentially relevant (I'm thoroughly sick of talking about it)

  • New research has shown (Everyone else is wrong)

LJ Strike

Mar. 19th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Since all the cool kids are doing it I'm going to participate as well. It's not like LJ is going to miss out on my thoughful posts or anything, but I'll try to make an effort not to comment on that day either. I know, I know. People are saying left and right that it's pointless anyway, that a protest like this won't really bother them, how dare we protest that we're not getting stuff for free anymore, yadda-yadda. From a purely selfish POV I don't care. I've got a paid account, I'm not seeing ads anyway and I'm not the kind of person who creates new accounts all the time. So whatever.

Thing is, people are growing frustrated with LJ and are migrating. And THAT bothers me. I don't want to sit here with my paid account while everyone else is playing somewhere else. Not so much because I refuse to move, but it's just that people scatter into all directions and that sucks. LJ just finally has started to become something of a centralized place for fanfics. After the demise of mailing lists and with people no longer actually creating and maintaining archives this is essential for finding fics. And it's no good when people go all over the place and just post links to their fics to LJ which are actually hosted on InsaneJournal or whatever. You lose so many functions. Commenting properly, mem'ing, what not... Things have to stay the way they are!

So I rather want people to stay happy and remain with LJ. I'll do what it takes to make them happy. And if that strike has a remote chance of working, I'll try that too. And hey, who knows. This might actually work better than merely ranting about how evil LJ is in your own journals or just leaving in a huff.

Anyway, here's some info on the strike.
And here are the times when the strike starts all over the world.
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This cracks me up so hard... it's like that Knut picture. I just love it when animals do that. It always looks so funny! XD;
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Somehow this picture cracks me up beyond reason. No clue why, but I giggle like a child when I look at it.
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A movie with Montgomery Clift (Lonelyhearts, 1958) is on TV. All those post-accident movies just kill me. I just can't get over how a person's face can change like that. I know I'm probably looking at faces differently than most people, but to me the post-accident Clift is a completely different person. I can't recognize him anymore, at all. Sure, it's the way he walks and talks, but even that has changed. He's lost his boyish charm, the carefreeness. I can't reconcile the images and I certainly can't get over how someone so pretty, so youthful, so smooth could just lose his face like that.

It's the stuff that cheap soap opera story arcs are made of, you know? A character is written out of the show by horrible accident. Seven months later the character returns with a completely different actor and they come up with some lame story about an accident and reconstructive facial surgery and you just want to roll your eyes at it at how dumb it all is. But then I look at Montgomery Clift and it's all true. I just want to rub my eyes and go "No way!".

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Montgomery Clift pre-accident and post-accident

[Poll #1141207]
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[ profile] tragical_mirth posted this yesterday and it cracked me up so hard that I just need to post it in my own LJ to keep:

Here, I've transcribed it. Just because! *g*

transcription )

But wait! There's actually two more and they're more awesome and more exciting than pouring gasoline over your head and setting it on fire while running naked through a convent!

Check it out! XD )

If you spot any mistakes I've made in the transcript, let me know!


Feb. 16th, 2008 03:22 pm
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Was everyone but my aware of the fact that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark?? I was just researching the term "prequel", foolishly assuming it was coined by Lucas for his Star Wars prequels. That's certainly when I first noticed such a term. But of course that's all wrong and apparently the OED sources its earliest usage to 1958. Nevertheless, Lucas has coined the term in a way since it fully came into public view for Godfather II and according to Coppola, Lucas and Spielberg helped him come up with that term and they later used it for their own prequel, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Insert wtf-moment.

I've watched that movie more times than I can count, but I just never ever questioned the timeline. I mean sure, he doesn't actually refer to anything that happened in the first movie, but when does he ever? It's not like he's constantly narrating his adventures in the Temple of Doom while he's searching for the Holy Grail, is he? *scratches head* I'm feeling rather stupid now. So, hit me. Was it all that obvious and I'm just really daft?

In other, but definitely related news, I've seen the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday. ZOMG it's gonna be awesome! *salivates* I'm especially pleased that Harrison Ford has dropped quite a lot of weight. I know, that is terribly superficial of me, but I've never really warmed to the love handles he'd developed over the years and it was something that made me angst about the prospective Indiana Jones sequel for years. I mean, we all have our vision of Indiana Jones and I just couldn't reconcile it with the wrinkled, beer bellied Harrison Ford we've seen in recent movies.

So imagine my relief when I saw the first images of the production and saw that he looked exactly like the Indy we know and love. Sure, he's older, a bit more rugged and weathered, but it fits perfectly. And finally they're getting rid of the Nazi theme... and introducing the brandnew Cold War Russian one! Yay! XD
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My dad brought home a test they're having people take at his base. I need you guys to give me your opinion on this.

Q: "Do you know your way around this department?"

A: "Well, I should do. By the end of the month I ..... working here for a whole year, you know."

A) have been.
B) 'll have been.
C) 'll be.

[Poll #1131412]

Click after you've taken the poll and want to know what this is about )
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A certain tabloid claims Heath Ledger is dead!!!!!!!! Is it true????????


Oh God... it's true T_T! I can't believe it... I mean, I wasn't a huge fan or anything, but I enjoyed his movies and I was looking forward to him as Joker a lot and he just wasn't supposed to go yet! This is just... horrible... T_T

Links: msnbc,
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been hit by a spell of vomiting sickness on top of everything. just great.
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There's one thing that's very weird about me. Well, more than one thing, but I'm thinking about one in particular right now. It's the fact that I get extremely, hugely excited over things, looking forward for them for days, weeks, months, and then when it's finally there I savor it and soak it up and am totally happy... and then it just goes poof. I hate that very much. The height from which I plummet every fucking time something is nice. Just once I wish I could ride on the high just a little bit longer.

Naturally, I was hugely excited about Torchwood. I mean, I've been waiting for this moment for an entire year, basically. And I was full of hope and dreams, I had confidence in it being awesome. I didn't fear they'd sink my ship. I didn't fear canon would start sucking. I was just looking forward to it. Then the episode aired yesterday and I couldn't watch it right away of course since I'd made the deal to watch it with Kris. I agonized all night over it, hardly getting any sleep.

Then finally, in the evening, I got to watch it. And it was awesome! It was... let's say a 8 out of 10, at least. It probably would have been a 9 if we had gotten some Jack/Ianto snogging right away and a 10 if they had dealt with Jack's return properly and a bit more emotionally other than Gwen bitching him out. But it was fine, really! I was squeey and happy and excited... and then it just evaporated :(.

Now I'm sitting here, feeling empty. This sucks. I should be all happy, shouldn't I. The series isn't even over yet. Still tons of eps to look forward to. And yet... blankness. Also, I find myself get annoyed with everyone in a way. See, I'm a tolerant shipper. Or no, I'm not, but it's something TW has taught me, really. You can ship anyone, they're all possible in a way, and no ship is worth more than the other. I've learnt to tolerate that. Other ships are no threat for mine and it's nice to see them coexist.

However, I notice this annoying tendency of TW ships putting down other ships. I guess it's because Jack/Ianto is relatively popular it gets the brunt of that, but it annoys me. People going to great lengths to explain why Ianto is so horrible and why he should never have remained on the team, how Jack can't possibly care for Ianto and it's obviously just sex, if at all, since it's not really all that clear blablabla. Heard all the shit. And now? Now they're all putting down the "ask for date" scene of course.

Clearly, since the scene was followed that Jack/Gwen scene it must be that Jack is only rebounding! Right? Grrrrr! It annoys the hell out of me. I'm willing to accept that the scene was very J/G shippy and I don't mind. I never want TW to become the Jack/Ianto Loveboat where they live happily ever after. I'd probably lose interest in no time since I hardly ever ship the canon m/m couples for some weird reason. So I'm cool with it. You can interpret it any way you like.

Even though I will admit that I thought it was a bit OOC for Jack to suddenly throw a hissyfit at Gwen's engagement ring. I mean, in series 1 we've always been shown how Jack thought it was important that Gwen remains in her relationship with Rhys, have a life outside of TW etc. So why would he suddenly mind? And what the fuck was that with "Cause no one else will have me"?? Gwen isn't that bad a catch! So, I do have my qualms with it... BUT! I accept that Jack cares deeply for Gwen. No problems there!

So why oh why do people need to spin this in such a direction? Can't we just coexist happily next to each other please? *sighs* So yeah, that frustrated me. Annoyed me. Did anyone say "Oh yeah, clearly Jack was so shaken during the ring scene because he'd just seen Ianto earlier and remembered how it was to be separated from him!" or stuff like that? No! Very annoying.

Okay, but that's just a detail. An annoying one, but still. One thing that comes with age is the tranquility to just step way from fandom crap like that (although I do feel the need to choke a couple of bitches on the JB-ML occasionally).

Another thing that pissed me off were people discussing on another ML whether one should read fics by non-native speakers. The way they were talking about it made it sound like those people write poorly per default. Funny, the most atrocious fics I've read were written by native speakers, but wha'ever. Annoying people.

Okay, I think I've just ranted myself empty. Now only the pain remains in just about every limb I own. And there's really nothing I can do since I shouldn't overdo it on the medication. So, I just need to suck it, I suppose. Blah.

I'm also feeling extremely guilty for not having all of Collateral all perfectly ready by now. I really tried, but the illness in between just really didn't help and now I feel like a traitor and a loser, making everyone hate me and lose all faith in WIPs forever. I know I'm dramatizing here, but I can't help it. And at the same time, I'm trying so hard and yet I just can't manage that amazing leap of sudden story finishing, you know? Very frustrating. I just hope people won't be too upset with me. I'm really trying.

Of course it didn't help either that I was watching TW and basically went D:!!!! the entire time since one by one things I've put into my fic popped up there. I mean of course I was there first and this is exactly why I made it a point to post before it airs because I know myself. Right now, I'm feeling utterly demoralized and uncreative. Like I can't come up with a single creative idea of my own apparently. I'm spending months agonizing over plot ideas and twists and then it becomes canon within 45 mins. So frustrating...

Oh, the pain...

Ending on a completely different note... today at the kiosk the person restocking the shelves had sorted all the candy by rainbow. That made my heart laugh a little bit...
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Uhm, okay I have no idea what the hell this is LOL. But apparently I need to get people to click me so my city grows. So please, help Beelsten, UK, grow!

Click here!

(in case of confusion, I just recreated the city because I decided I like Beelston better than Beelsten ^^;;;. Just ignore the other place.)

Meme time!

Jan. 5th, 2008 12:22 pm
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Nabbed from [ profile] eiluned (whose attempt is awesome)

Let's Make a Band:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

You then take the pic and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your pic.

Here's mine! It actually turned out better than I thought it would, even though I suck at typography... X3


If you make covers of your own, please post them in your comment! I want to see them!


Dec. 15th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Some guy called Idetrorce is going around commenting on random posts with the exact same line everywhere:

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

I got such a comment on a post that didn't even have an opinion to agree or disagree with, so I immediately knew it was just some serial commenter. Then I googled the name and got lots of other posts where he commented exactly that! I wonder if this is some sort of social experiment? Has anybody else gotten comments like that? Hmmmm...
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This one is very informative. It tells you that in fact the internet is for porn. No discussion. It's SFW if bits of naked skin are okay.

And this one... Just watch it. Trying to explain it will just take the surprise out of it.

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Saw this on [ profile] johanirae's LJ and thought it was totally neat! Give me pressies! X3

Edit: Hey, why doesn't this show properly? ;_; It showed all right in the previews!
Edit 2: Does it show now? ;_;
Edit 3: Man, it keeps eating the code! How did you guys manage??? ;-;
Edit 4: Meh, can't get it to work. Oh well...
Edit 5: Did that work?


Dec. 8th, 2007 11:01 pm
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Play this: Don't Shoot Your Eye Out.

And try to beat my record!

Bounces: 643
Accidents: 6
Final Score: 10,474,184

(note, it resets after it passes 10 mill, so I added the 10)

My best so far was 96 bounces in one shot. Can you beat that? Next I'll try shooting myself as often as possible XD;.

It's a bit disturbing that the shooter is a kid IMO but apparently a BB gun is harmless? I know shit about weapons. Anyway, go and play. It's fun.


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