Nov. 9th, 2008

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Oh Wikipedia, you never cease to amuse me. Being an "inclusionist", I really dislike all this wikilawyering lately where all the "deletionists" say that this and that article harms Wikipedia's respectability and reputation, so they keep taking down all sorts of articles. Personally, I think there's no such thing as "too much information". It's not like Wikipedia is going into print NOW and the information represented there has to outlast the next twenty years. So what if someone adds some article about some shortlived internet phenomenon? While it's hot, people will look it up. Eventually, nobody will care anymore and then you can either purge it or just let it sit there. The more info, the better. Just my opinion.

Anyway, as I was snooping around old W I noticed that the list of POTUS (that's Presidents of the United States for ya) was locked for editing. Weird, I thought. What's there to argue? Apparently quite a lot. Check this out. Apparently people are having a major disagreement over whether to include Obama already or not. Some (read: butthurt Republicans) insist that he's not yet President, in fact, he's not even President Elect yet as the Electorial College hasn't voted yet. Since the list clearly states POTUS and there's only one POTUS at a time, Obama shouldn't be on the list. Others (read: joygasming Democrats) believe this is just wikilawyering and he should at least be mentioned, and if it's just as "President Elect". Also, there should be a prettier picture of him.

Ah, hours of fun.

Also, this. )


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