May. 22nd, 2008

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Just came back from seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I thought it was pretty cool. Definitely a worthy part of the Indiana Jones franchise. I loved the little details here and there that they added to evoke the spirit of the former movies. I also felt like the character of Mutt worked and wasn't annoying or anything. Cate Blanchett as Soviet dominatrix is made of sex. Yes, the plot was a little spaced out (ehem), but aren't they all? >.>; I mean Indy has always been dabbling with paranormal forces, so that was okay IMO. For the first half of the movie, possibly longer, I had this stupid grin on my face *g*. So that's a good thing! Hehehe... the scenic depth of the movie was amazing, too. Many times you stop looking at what's right in front of you, because there's so much going on in the background! You'd probably need to watch it a dozen times to catch all the little details. Some critics have said that the movie has its lengths. I didn't really feel that was true. Maybe the jungle chase could have been just a tad bit shorter, but it wasn't really bad yet.

I didn't anticipate that the theater would be so full in the afternoon. Guess I was a bit naive ^^;. As a result, we had awful seats. Booo... but it could have been worse. I might write something deeper about it later, but for now I just want to record that I've seen it.


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