Mar. 31st, 2008

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Found this this weekend and in the light of my Master's thesis this seems rather relevant. And oh so true! XD

What academics really mean:
  • It has long been known (I haven't bothered to look up the reference)

  • A trend is evident (These data are practically worthless)

  • Typical results are shown (this is the prettiest graph)

  • In my experience (once)

  • In case after case (twice)

  • In a series of cases (thrice)

  • It is believed that (I think)

  • It is generally believed that (a couple of others think so too)

  • It is not unreasonable to assume (If you believe this, you'll believe anything)

  • Correct within an order of magnitude (wrong)

  • According to statistical analysis (it is rumored)

  • Of great theoretical importance (I find it kind of interesting)

  • Of great practical importance (I can get some mileage out of it)

  • Typical results are shown (The best results are shown)

  • Three of the samples were chosen for this study (the other samples didn't make any sense)

  • It has not been possible to provide definitive answers (The experiment was negative, but at least I can publish the data somewhere)

  • It might be argued that... (I have such a good answer for this objection that I shall now raise it)

  • I thank X for assistance with the experiments and Y for useful discussions on the interpretation of the data. (X did the experiment and Y explained it to me.)

  • It is significant (I'm not sure how, but you can probably figure it out)

  • Mainstream scholars believe (I'm ignoring everyone I disagree with)

  • To put this statement in context (Let me spend five pages detailing my irrelevant historical research)

  • Beyond the scope of this essay/study (I don't feel like talking about it)

  • Only tangentially relevant (I'm thoroughly sick of talking about it)

  • New research has shown (Everyone else is wrong)


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