Mar. 19th, 2008

LJ Strike

Mar. 19th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Since all the cool kids are doing it I'm going to participate as well. It's not like LJ is going to miss out on my thoughful posts or anything, but I'll try to make an effort not to comment on that day either. I know, I know. People are saying left and right that it's pointless anyway, that a protest like this won't really bother them, how dare we protest that we're not getting stuff for free anymore, yadda-yadda. From a purely selfish POV I don't care. I've got a paid account, I'm not seeing ads anyway and I'm not the kind of person who creates new accounts all the time. So whatever.

Thing is, people are growing frustrated with LJ and are migrating. And THAT bothers me. I don't want to sit here with my paid account while everyone else is playing somewhere else. Not so much because I refuse to move, but it's just that people scatter into all directions and that sucks. LJ just finally has started to become something of a centralized place for fanfics. After the demise of mailing lists and with people no longer actually creating and maintaining archives this is essential for finding fics. And it's no good when people go all over the place and just post links to their fics to LJ which are actually hosted on InsaneJournal or whatever. You lose so many functions. Commenting properly, mem'ing, what not... Things have to stay the way they are!

So I rather want people to stay happy and remain with LJ. I'll do what it takes to make them happy. And if that strike has a remote chance of working, I'll try that too. And hey, who knows. This might actually work better than merely ranting about how evil LJ is in your own journals or just leaving in a huff.

Anyway, here's some info on the strike.
And here are the times when the strike starts all over the world.


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