Feb. 20th, 2008

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A movie with Montgomery Clift (Lonelyhearts, 1958) is on TV. All those post-accident movies just kill me. I just can't get over how a person's face can change like that. I know I'm probably looking at faces differently than most people, but to me the post-accident Clift is a completely different person. I can't recognize him anymore, at all. Sure, it's the way he walks and talks, but even that has changed. He's lost his boyish charm, the carefreeness. I can't reconcile the images and I certainly can't get over how someone so pretty, so youthful, so smooth could just lose his face like that.

It's the stuff that cheap soap opera story arcs are made of, you know? A character is written out of the show by horrible accident. Seven months later the character returns with a completely different actor and they come up with some lame story about an accident and reconstructive facial surgery and you just want to roll your eyes at it at how dumb it all is. But then I look at Montgomery Clift and it's all true. I just want to rub my eyes and go "No way!".

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Montgomery Clift pre-accident and post-accident

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