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Okay, that doesn't really fit, but this week's Doctor Who episode definitely made me sing that song in my head all the time now! *g*

And right on cue, I had the opportunity today to snap a couple of pictures of a hornet! I want to share them with you because I think they're most amazing!

Isn't she just so beautiful?

Er yes, my funky fingernails are showing on this one! ^^;;; I was experimenting with some new nail polish I got for my toes to match my new sandals... uhm, yeah.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a European Hornet. When I stop being lazy, I'll take out my snazzy entomology book I got from [ profile] no_ron and do a proper taxonomy.

So fuzzy! <3

This is the most amazing shot ever. How often do you get to see the bottom of a hornet! Fantastic! As you can see, she was busy drinking up the drops on the glass! *g*

Close-up on head. So sleek and beautiful!

And just to clear up with a myth? Hornets are not dangerous. Their sting is actually less poisonous than the one of a wasp and just about as painful, and they are in fact a lot less aggressive than wasps. So, stop trying to kill those poor creatures all the time. No wonder they're endangered.
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